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An estimated 1. 3 million abortions are performed annually or approximately two and a half abortions every minute (Abortion). In all societies, women have sought to terminate pregnancies for many reasons. Republicans and democrats support either the right to live or the right to decide. The debate whether abortion should be made legal continues to divide republicans and democrats long after the U. S. Supreme Court’s 7-2 decision on Roe v. Wade declaring abortion a “fundamental” right (Roe V. Wade). The conflict over abortion that was divided into two camps, Pro-Life and Pro-

Choice, sparked different views in conservatives and liberals; supporters of both camps may come together to help in sex education, distribution of birth control, and protection to avoid unwanted pregnancies. The right of the unborn, supported by the pro-life camp, has its beliefs and consequences. Defined pro-life individuals believe that personhood begins at conception and abortion is immoral killing; unborn babies are innocent human beings from the moment of conception. Fetuses have the essential right to life and should be protected compared to other human beings.

Camp supporters believe in he use of contraceptives, such as condoms and birth control, to prevent unwanted pregnancies. In cases such as rape or incest, they believe adoption is always a further humane option if the parent is incapable to remain with the consequences of the newly-created life. Abortion inflicting suffering on the unborn child is unfair when couples who cannot biologically conceive are waiting to adopt (“Should Abortion Be Legal? “). In other cases, certain pro-life individuals believe that abortion is not necessary to protect the mother’s health in circumstances such as threatening eizures or breast cancer (Rossi).

There is no explanation for intentionally killing the child in cases where necessary medication is needed to control the illness. All in all, pro-life supporters believe in the rights of the unborn; a humane alternative would be adoption if the parent is unable to go on with the consequences. On the other hand, the rights of the mother, supported by the pro-choice camp, have its beliefs and consequences. It is the mother’s choice to make and the pro- choice supporters will support the decisions made no matter the outcome.

With help rovided by the community health care centers, women will have the choice to prevent unwanted pregnancies through sex education, and improved distribution of birth control, to help women to shape their lives. Abortion rights can be abuses and may result in psychological damage. A 2002 study published by the Southern Medical Journal stated that “More than 173,000 American women found that women who aborted were 154% more likely to commit suicide than women who carried to term” (“Should Abortion Be Legal? “). Abortion may also increase the chances of future miscarriages and breast cancer development.

In early pregnancy, levels of estrogen increase, leading to breast growth in preparation for a woman to breast feed her child will be interrupted by abortion. As a result, immature cells are left in the woman’s breasts presenting a greater risk of breast cancer (“Should Abortion Be Legal? “). Therefore, pro-choice supporters believe in the rights of the mother; abuse ot abortion rights may lead to psychological damage, miscarriages, and breast cancer. Individuals of both pro-life and pro-choice camps agree women can prevent unwanted pregnancies by producing help in sex education and distribution of birth control.

Throughout the years, little improvement towards access of contraceptives has improved in some states (Mitchell 11). Individuals from both camps are trying to expand easier access to contraceptives in any circumstance (Biggs e311). For example, Antonia Biggs states that “29 states have implemented programs to expand access to contraceptives among low-income women through a Federal Medicaid family planning waiver. These programs offer no-cost contraceptive services to low- income women and, in some states, men who are not eligible for full Medicaid services… (Biggs e312) If more women are cautious about their sex lives by using rovided contraceptives, it would result in less abortion inconveniences. Both pro- life and pro-choice camps have different views, but both can collaborate to provide proper pregnancy prevention help such as sex education. Pro-life individuals believe in the rights of the unborn. Pro-life individuals also oppose abortion when the mother’s life at stake. Pro-choice individuals believe in the rights of the mother. They will support any decision that the mother would need to take in order to protect her.

If the mother believes it is unsafe to bring a child into the world at that time, pro- hoice individuals will fully support her decision. Therefore, misused and unplanned abortions may lead to health issues such as miscarriages, breast cancer, and psychological damages. Therefore, both camps have different views and consequences on the abortion conflict.

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