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admiistrative process

1. THE ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESS IN EDUCATION Administration is the ability to mobilize human and material resources with systematic arrangement in using of human and material resources, situations and opportunities for the achievement of organizational objectives.          The main purpose of administration in any organization is that of coordinating the efforts of towards the achievement of its goals and to perform of executive duties, the carrying out of policies or decisions to fulfill a purpose, and the controlling of the day-to-day running of an organization.In the daily administrative tasks of the school administrator, there are certain demands. Also there are different admin
istrative styles as there are different administrators in handling administrative issues.
Administrative processes are to ensure the sequential harmonization of organizational processes in achieving desirable educational good.
Henri Fayol (1911) ‘POCCC’ -(Plan, organize, control, coordinate and command )
Gullick and Urwick (1937) POSDCORB- (Planning, Organizing, Staffing, Directing, Coordinating, Reporting, and Budgeting)
Enaohwo and Eferakeya (1989) POSDCORB(e)-( planning, organizing. Staffing, directing, coordinating, reporting, budgeting and evaluation)To a great extent the functions of school heads like in any other organization must revolve round this acronym POSDCORB(e) as every Administrator must plan, organize, staff, direct, coordinate, report, budget and evaluate all the activities and resources whether in the school system or corporate organizations.Values in Administration Educational Administration is value driven area depending on the emotions, cultures, and human values as well as technique and structure. Schools are value driven organizations that aim to train the young so as to perform social responsibility in society. Leaders/ Administrators are not only charged with legal and…

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