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Animals rights

Do you agree with the Kantian anthropocentric view on the treatment of animals? Why, or why not? Nowadays more and more talk about animals’ right. We start to care about how they will feel. But someone may think that do animals have their rights? Kant viewed rationality as the basis for being a moral patient”one due moral consideration”he believed that animals have no moral rights. Also animals are not self-conscious rational agents capable of forming moral law, and are the merely as a means to our end, they are not part of the moral kingdom.

Kant thinks that although nimals are not part of the moral law and we do not have any duties towards animals, we still should not being cruel to them and being kind to them, because that is about our character in the society and treat our human beings in a human way. I don’t agree all of Kantian anthropocentric view on the treatment of animals. Although Kant thinks that they are not part of moral laws, they still had their own sentience.

I would like to narrate why I don’t agree Kant view in fill ways. Frist, we should not speciesism. Speciesism is wrong. Speciesism is meaning a rejudice for one’s own species and against other species. Animals are part of our earth; they are one of the species in the world. Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712-1778) argued in Discourse on Inequality (1754) for the inclusion of animals in natural law on the grounds of sentience. By this method also we put an end to the time-honored disputes concerning the participation of animals in natural law: for it is clear that, being destitute of intelligence and liberty, they cannot recognize that law; as they partake, however, in some measure of our nature, in consequence of the sensibility ith which they are endowed, they ought to partake of natural right; so that mankind is subjected to a kind of obligation even toward the brutes. “l Animals have their own feeling, although we cannot understand all of them. They can feel pain. They can learn some new thing. Their own different between us Just they cannot speak to us.

But they still had some way to communication with us. Animals Just like a person who still cannot speak of interests in any meaningful way. If we baby had right, so why animals do not had right? We need to respect all the species. Animals had their right. Second, animals should live with sanctity. Now people are omnivorous. Although I think animals had rights, we still need some meat for our daily life. However they should not be rearing and killing in some inhuman ways. I think we should as same as animals, we should kill when we feel hungry. Also they have their rights to live and die with dignity.

Some of the people keep chick or duck in some small place and give them a lot of food to eat, also put lot of hormone in the food to make them grow up faster. Some of the businessman who is sells eggs, they will kill all of the cock and use them to make t tor hen to let the tood had more hormones to make hen born more eggs. That is one of the inhuman beings because we let the hen to eat their baby. I think we should use another ways to put hormones in the food for hen. I also think that we should not be using some animals to do some experiment which is need to let them feel pain.

I think if they had been kill with some none pain way before the experiment that is better then let them feel pain. I know that people need o eat and we may need to use some animals to help use to build up our technology. But we should get animals helps in a humble ways and we need to respect their life. Lastly, the people who hurt animals should be Judge. Animals also have life, they are part of our natural. They have feeling, they can feel pain. Although they cannot communication with us, they are a life. We should respect their life because they have made our natural become balance.

They have contribution to us so we should thank them. So we need to Judge the people who hurt them. Animals have the right to protect themselves and we also have obligation not to hate them. In summary, I do not agree the Kantian anthropocentric view on the treatment of animals. I think animals have their right. They should be protect by the law. They can have their own feeling. Kant think animals do not have self-conscious rational but I do not think so because I think animals have their own society and they have their self-conscious rational although we may not know. I think animals have their right so I do not agree of Kant’s.

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