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Anti-Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus is one of America’s most celebrated murderers, cheaters, and thieves. Responsible for thousands of Native American lives, Columbus forcibly took control over the Americas with the army of Spain on his side. Yet this man is still renowned for his actions and rewarded with an annual nation-wide holiday. Christopher Columbus was merely a power hungry, genocidal maniac and should be viewed as such. Columbus can be looked down upon for multiple reasons.

He was welcomed to the land he “discovered” with open arms from the Natives. He managed to repay them for their hospitality by having his men rape, torture, and kill them on his command. The surviving Natives were either shipped to Spain as slaves or worked to death searching for the little gold their land had. Columbus was also a stealer of ideas, it was actually a member of his crew who was first to catch a glimpse of the Bahamas before anyone else. But Columbus, being the greedy thief he is, claimed the sight as is own.

This was not the last historical proposal he would claim as his own. After thieving so many ideas (e. g. the world is round, he was the discoverer of America) Columbus was still able to convince Spain’s royalty he deserved the rewards he received. He was a horrible man who literally wiped out a whole population, its culture, religion, and traditions. He is no better than Adolf Hitler in most aspects of his career. Why America still celebrates this man as a global hero is a mystery to me.

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