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Asian American Families Similarities and Differences

Asian American Families are traditional in structure and hold onto rituals and customs. ” (McGoldrick,). “Family structure varies greatly among Asian American families; many are still strongly influenced by the male-dominated patriarchal Asian family traditions. ” (Hildebrand, Phenice, Gray, and Hines 2008, p. 115).

The majority of Asian families has suffered some kind of trauma related to war. This is one similarity that Asian families are burden with resulting in massive migration of the populace. “Most Asians countries have suffered years of war and political turmoil, the tress of which compounds the migration strain that all immigrants experience. Many immigrants and refugees experienced unwilling separations and exposure to trauma, both in the home country and in search the search for sanctuary . ” (McGoldrick et al p. 235).

Asians families have a low divorce rate this can be attributed to, “the valuing of family over the individual – is credited for the rarity of divorce. ” (Taylor, 2002). The Asian American family has close parental control over their children, resulting in low crime. Differences Among Asian American Families Asian American groups differ in terms of igration history, population, language, religion, education level, occupation, income, degree of acculturation, preferred residential location, political involvement, and so forth. (McGoldrick et al). According to the 1990 U. S.

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