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Composer’s intended purpose and Target audience: Charles Dickens Purpose for generating this novel was to tell a story that expressed ingratitude and selflessness, social climbing, suffering, and retribution; it is also said that Dickens wanted to express the differentiation of parenthood and the affect that the actions of one generation will have on the next.

The novel ‘great expectations’ is mainly targeted to the youth, young adults and adults. Mainly because the audience eeds to have the ability to comprehend the text, due to its complexity, and it is within these age groups that are capable of that. Text Synopsis: The novel ‘Great Expectations’ is entirely about a boy named Phillip Pirrip who is also known as Pip. It is based on the events that Pip undertakes to gain acceptance and fidelity from Estella.

The novel introduces Pip as a young boy who is sitting down in a graveyard looking at his parents grave stones; when almost suddenly an ex convict who is later identified as Magwitch grabs Pip and threatens him to gather up food and bring it to im, Pip willingly steals food from his sister Mrs Joe and as he goes to give it to Magwitch, Magwitch is arrested. Pip’s Parents have passed resulting in Pip having to take refuge with his sister and brother in law, Pip lives an ordinary yet complicated life there until his uncle Pumblechook shows him to Miss Havisham who is an awfully strange woman with a beautiful adopted daughter named Estella.

Miss Havisham is the richest woman and can often show many prejudices, raising Estella in this environment. Pip begins to live with them and falls in love with Estella who is of high socio-economic status and rejects Pip and mocks him. Miss Havisham also doesn’t accept his feelings and only supports him to become a blacksmith with his brother in law Mr Joe. Soon later Pip’s sister gets brutally assaulted resulting in her need special medical supervision and care before she passes.

The woman that performs this task is named Britty, who Pip seeks assistance in for a few academic pointers. Pip later on moves to London witn an unknown benetactor to financially help him to become the gentleman he wants to be, so he goes through with the offer and has a found a likely companionship in a guy named Herbert Pocket. Pip living with Herbert ecomes very wealthy and successful until one night it is announced that the person that anonymously gave the money to Pip was the convict, Magwitch.

Magwitch is still on the run from the police and Pip is willing to help him, and later on begins to sincerely care for Magwitch. Pip later on finds out that Magwitch was the father of Estella and that Estella has been married off to a man of cruel behaviour but of high standards. Pip Gets ill and gains the assistance of Mr Joe who is married now to Britty who Pip was intending to marry as well. Pip makes an attempt to save Magwitch and et him out of England through boat, Just as it’s too late, the police arrive and Magwitch is brutally injured and later succumbed to those injuries.

After all these events that Pip did for Estella, he returned back to his casual life, Just as one day he runs into Estella to find out that she is no longer married. What aspects of belonging are presented in this text? Use relevant quotations to support your response There are several aspects of belonging and division within this text; which is commonly expressed through both the relationships between persons and at home, especially for the main protagonist: Pip. In this novel, Pip is expressed as the main character; that is both telling the story and acting within the story.

When Pips parents died he lost all connections, therefore he took refuge with his older sister and brother in law so he wasn’t orphaned any longer. Mrs Joe, Pip’s sister expresses antagonism towards him, Mrs Joe: “Home had never been a very pleasant place to me”. Pip then feels that a sense of hostility is being aimed towards him from his sister, in result to this Pip struggles to conform to his new lifestyle . Although Pip shares a kinship with Mrs Joe which is revolved around conflict; e shares a sense of attachment and loyalty with Joe who is the main caretaker of Pip.

This can mainly be expressed when Pip accepts a secret benefactor which allowed him to travel to London to become the gentleman he dreamed to be for his intended love, Estella, who is of higher class than him. Willingly without knowledge of who the anonymous person is, Pip proceeds onwards to fulfil a potential new identity of him. This included feeling disdain towards loved ones and friends back in his hometown, especially towards Joe. Years later when Pip struggles with many factors involving disaffection from Estelle and a new companionship with her non- xposed father, he becomes ill.

Joe then goes to London to care for Pip, having said before by Pip about Joe, “Exactly what he had been in my eyes then, he was in my eyes still; Just as simply taitntul, and as simply right”. This allows Joe to see all perspectives whereas Pips Devotion stands. Joe has also said about Pip, “dear Pip” and “ever friends”; allowing Pip to feel stable in a time of loneliness and insecurity. Whilst Pip had been living away from His sister and Joe, he had been accepted in the household of Miss Havisham. Where, Pip was under the assumption that Miss

Havisham would allow and financially support him to fulfil his admiration of courting and marrying her daughter and to become a gentleman. Miss Havisham only helped and supported him to become a common labourer and didn’t approve of his feelings towards Estella and expressed discord to them; instead she taught Estella to manipulate and fondle with his feelings, portraying that Pip wasn’t good enough and he is still a little boy in one sense. The individuals within Miss Havisham household lack sympathy and partake in infidelity which had an effect on Pip’s wellbeing, portraying that he wasn’t worthy of acceptance and love.

Years later when Miss Havisham is laying on her death bed, she begs for Pip’s forgiveness in a way of sorting through her morals, in the hope that their relationship will be saved before she departs. Pip accepts her apologies and Miss Havisham later on passes. Estella becomes a source of hostility from her new husband, later as they divorce her and Pip find each other again and find solidarity in each other. As it was described through text that Estella was full of withdrawal and through the experience of being abused she became enriched with virtuous feelings and then her and Pip find a sense of belonging in each other.

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