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Ben Franklin

Ben Franklin and The way to wealth. And my autobiography
I enjoyed Franklins the way to wealth also known as Poor Richards almanac. The historical value as well as what some will call the philosophical value of Franklins writings. It was a collection of saying or even words of wisdom, short stories, the economy, poetry, descriptions of distinguished place within England, and eve conversation cards. It is full of useless information that was and still is a form of entertainment for many. The fact that it is the largest publication of franklins work makes it much more interesting than most. When I say largest I do mean that it is still published to this day. As for Franklins autobiography it is a somewhat boring but yet entertaining tale of the life of the young man.
The autobiography tells of his childhood how he worked in a printing press at a small age and his enjoyment of reading, and writing. Even though it was a very boring read the thing that got me was how he lived everyday life. How he managed to invent the bifocal his amusement with electricity his involvement in our history and being one of the founding fathers. The historical nature of it all is what made me have such an interest in it. Ben was and still is known as one of our founding fathers so even though his writings were not all that great they hold some form of importance to us all. Within him being a founding father he wrote the do-good letters which were also a very important part of the American history disguised as a widow writing a gossip column in his bothers paper. So if one stops and thinks Franklins writings tend to have impacted us on a large scale even though we do not realize it and mentally most of his writings tend to have no mental hold they are his writings and they do hold a very large part in our history.

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