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1. Beginning with a blandly factual and obvious statement (often simply parroting back the question).
Here’s an example: “In this text there are many features of both argumentative and persuasive writing“. Yes, I know that, I read the question. Slightly better – but only slightly is “We see many examples of both argumentative and persuasive techniques in this passage” (at least this person slightly re-phrased the question, using “techniques” instead of “writing features“, “passage” instead of “text” and admitting that they as a reader exist – “we see“).
How do you FIX IT Offer instead an evaluative and appreciative statementpraising the writer’s style (or criticizing it if you don’t like it).
For example: “This text displays an impressive array of both argumentative and persuasive techniques that appeal toand influence the reader’s opinion“.  Or look at this example: “In this text I was impressed by both authors ability to persuade the audience to support their cause“. Central to both examples is the idea that you make a judgment (you are impressed or you are aren’t). Both also describe the effect on the reader.
2. Identifying the technique, giving an example, then failing to explain what makes it effective.
For example: “The writer gives us information regarding the number of visitors who visited the zoo last year “More than 900,000 people visited Dublin zoo…50,000 of them were schoolchildren” which she uses to fight her case about why zoos should be left open to the public. I find this piece of information good as it provides you with more knowledge”
How do you FIX IT Be more specific in identifying the technique; avoid repeating the same words over and over (visitors/visited/visited); explain why this technique is effective – how does it effect the reader? how does it strengthen the writer’s argument? Be specific.
Here’s an improved version of the example above:
“The writer presents us with concrete statistics “more than 900,000 people visited…

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