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BPo stress

In this modern world of technology stress has become something impossible to live without no matter who you are. Stress can be defined as “strain from the conflict between our external environment and us, leading to emotional and physical pressure”. Both a student and a working adult are victims of stress. It can be positive and negative stress but this depends on the individual’s own perception of the tension between the two forces.
Modern lifestyles are the root cause for stress at work. This is so because the nature of work has undergone sudden changes and is still changing on a fast pace. All professions have been attained, from an artist to a surgeon or a pilot to a sales executive. But the problem is that change brings stress automatically. Stress among workers has an effect on their performance and physical health such as the mind and body which also affects the company as a whole. It was believed that modernization would enhance the performance of workers but this has turned out to be false.
The reasons why stress affects performance are:
1. Stress cause distraction and the worker will tend to focus more on the bad feeling rather than the work and this automatically has an effect on the performance.
2. It has been said by a large body of research that encouragement increases to perform a new task but there is a point where it begins to fall.
In India the Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) sector have given jobs to almost seventy percent youngsters over the past few years. The BPO sector is one of the fastest growing sectors in the global scenario and is well known for its huge turnover and employment base. Though these young people have been given a job, they are facing high level of stress and this is because of the pressure they are facing. BPO’s are large offices with representatives who either receive or make phone calls. The major activity of BPO is answering inbound calls, such as banking that help customers who are in need. BPO also…

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