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March 5, 2015
Born to Run, Written by Bruce Springsteen
Born to Run is a rock and roll song, from the name of the same album. The album was released on August 25, 1975, by Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. It was released on the Columbia Record Label. This was Springsteen’s attempt to finally branch out of local success, to commercial success. It took six months to write and record the song.
Born to Run means many things to many different people. At first listen it’s a song of love for a girl named Wendy. Whose boyfriend is desperate to get on with their lives together. Together, somewhere other, than their hometown. The singer is searching deep inside his soul, believing there’s a better life out in the big world. Springsteen incorporate the angst and frustration of teenagers coming of age. He also feels the loneliness and exasperating depth that a young adult, perhaps past High School, feels when stuck in a job, home or unhealthy situation.
People who hail from New Jersey will quickly catch the references made to places in the Garden State. “sprung from cages on Highway 9”, (1) this refers to U.S. 9 that was once the main route down the southern edge of the state, this brought many day trippers and vacationers the Jersey shore. It also runs right through Freehold. The town Springsteen is from. Another phrase states “the amusement park rises bold and stark”(2). Here is referring to Ashbury Park, even when he wrote this song, it was beginning its decay into a crumbling old resort town.
Springsteen when asked about the song in 1975 said it’s about “getting out of Freehold”. (3) Thirty years later he’s quoted as saying “This song meant one thing to me when I wrote it; it means something different to me now.” (3)
Springsteen started performing, Born to Run, at gigs before the song was released, in 1974. Then in November 1974 a disc jockey Ed Sciaky of WMMR in Philadelphia was given a copy by Mike Appel, (4) he…

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