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business ethics homework 8

Chapter 8
Study Guide 8-(The Work Place (1): Basic Issues)1. Freedom/Privacy is one of the major issues dividing employers and employees today. What are civil liberties especially at the workplaceThe civil liberties that are at the workplace are freedom of speech and freedom of privacy.2. According to common law, what is employment at willAccording to common law employment at will means that either the employer or employee is free to terminate at any time without advance notice or reason.
3. What is Bona fide occupation qualification (BFOQs)Bona fide occupation qualifications are job specifications to which the civil rights law does not apply.
4. In testing what two conditions must be measured? Define those measures.
A. Test validity refers to whether test scores correlate with performance in some other activity—that is, whether the test measures the skill or ability it is intended to measure.
B. Test reliability refers to whether test results are replicable—that is, whether a subject’s scores will remain relatively consistent from test to test (so that a test taker won’t score high one day and low the next).
5. What is Situational InterviewA situational interview is an interview that job candidates have to engage in role-playing in a mock office scenario.
6. Define the following terms:
A. Seniority – refers to longevity on a job or with a firm
B. Inbreeding – the practice of promoting exclusively from within the firm
C. Nepotism – is the practice of showing favoritism to relatives and close friends
D. Just cause – requires that reasons for discipline or discharge deal directly with job performance.
E. Due process – which refers to the fairness of the procedures an organization uses to impose sanctions on employees.
F. Firing – is for-cause dismissal— the result of employee theft, gross insubordination, release of proprietary information, and so on.
G. Termination – results from an employee’s poor performance—that is,…

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