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Business Ethics

1Week Three Writing Assignment
Michael Fulkerson
LeTourneau University
In partial fulfillment of the requirements for Business Ethics 3403
Robert Hudson
October 30, 2015

Write a paper discussing the following:
a. Describe your approach to ethical decision making.
b. Which ethical theory discussed in this course most closely resembles yours?  Explain.
c. Divide your life into five-year increments and review and analyze your spiritual and ethical growth. 
A. Describe your approach to ethical decision making.I approach all ethical decisions based on my Christian morals established throughout my Southern Baptist up-bringing. My family was not very involved in church as I was growing up. Fortunately, with access to several churches within blocks of my house, I was able to experience different religious views that would set the foundation of how I wanted to participate in church and eventually live my life. This allowed me the ability to set my own “Says Who” moral compass based on the teachings from the Bible.

B. Which ethical theory discussed in this course most closely resembles yours?  Explain.
The ethical theory most closely related to my life is the Virtue Theory. The Virtue Theory emphasizes the character, virtues, and beliefs that each of us live by and evaluate ethical behavior. I pride myself in living by the rules which falls in line with deontology ethics. Although I do not always agree with the rules, I approach God, family, friends, and work on the basis that rules are rules. If the rules need to be changed, that is a
3different discussion. I always try to follow the rules as they currently exist. The Virtue Theory is also associated with consequentialism, which determines right versus wrong based on the outcome of the action. I firmly believe that our actions affect others. The effect can be…

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