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Change Wheel Free WriteI had a lot of life changes in the past 10 years, When I first moved to the united states of America it was to pursue a dream and become a USA citizen because that will open more doors being a citizen here in the United States . I had to leave all my friends and family and it was hard but it was for a good reason and my parent were looking forward to give us a better life. The transition from a third world country to a first world country was a big change. Also we left Ecuador because the country was in the worst crisis of their country history. I had to learn a new language because I only knew very few English words. None of these actions where in my control everything was in control of my parents and we had to trust them and believe in them. I wasn’t aware of the changes that were ahead and the new life style that I was going to be living. A negative event that occurred was 9/11 and that extended the time we were going to stay in the United States. My world view changed throughout the years living and growing up in the Unites States. I think that I am a person that can easily adjust to any environment because I have an open mind and I am adventurous to new challenges. Big changes moving here would be the culture, people, weather, laws, and more.
I know that many things can get into my life but my goal will always be the same and it will be up to me if I want to reach the goal and be successful in life.

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