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Chastity Education vs. Sex Education

Just a few years ago, sex education is the most debated issue in the country. It was argued that it would be taught in all schools and universities for it was believed to be a useful tool in alleviating teenage pregnancy and abortion. The students as well as the members of the academe debated that sex education be infused in the curiculum. It is due to the increasing number of cases involving teenage pregnancies over the years .

By Just looking at newspaper pages and magazines, sex is being used as a subject. Men’s magazines are flooding the ewspaper stands and bookstores Wih all those seductive women wearing nothing but a bikini posing as cover girls. These sorts of things are very appealing to the people especially to those belonging in the younger generations. But the point is, sex education is merely educating or informing the public about the substantial process of a sexual intercourse.

It is quite exposing the steps in doing such a thing. Thus, it is rather unthinkable and risky. However, when we say Chastity education, it often focuses on the values and virtues being instilled by religion and ethics. In the light of religion, the former is rather isleading for it arouses curiosity, thus, it wrecks havoc for one may be enticed to give it a try. It is such a paradox for it urges them rather than discourage.

Whereas, the latter manifests the values and virtues be incurred for one’s purity and dignity. It doesn’t educate one’s mind to adhere with secular trends but it is the capacity to resist the worldly temptations and uphold the virtues since time immemorial. Either of the two be upheld by many, still it depends on the person. It is about one’s convictions and belief, as well as one’s ability to distinguish right from wrong. So is it a yes for chastity education or for sex education?

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