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Communication Synthesis

This semester of Communication 110 has been very beneficial to me as a communicator. I have learned a lot about public speaking and how to perceive as well as deliver my own messages. I have always been a very open minded and logic based person, but now with an understanding of communication styles of people, I can better determine how people try to convey their topics, and use this to deliver my speaking in an unbiased, and logical manner. At the beginning of the semester, I set goals to make myself a better communicator. These goals were to develop my skills of organization, critical thinking, and nonverbal actions. I think I did a fair job of addressing these goals individually, but more could be addressed. This semester, however, I faced a new evil. I learned that public speaking is a whole new evil when speaking in front of people who you want to impress, or are not quite comfortable being completely yourself with yet.
Organization was always an issue for me as a writer. I could always find good information and deliver it with ease. However, putting the thoughts together was difficult. It was hard for me to develop any sense of flow within any of my pieces. Deciding what order to place the retrieved information in just seems to be foreign to me. I do not know what makes it so difficult for me but it seems that it still is. Through Communication 110 I hoped to develop my organizational skills and I feel that I did slightly, but not as much as I would have liked to. There is a noticeable improvement. For instance, I coordinated our entire group speech and put the pieces together for that by determining the topics we should each present, and in which order. I feel that I did a good job organizing in that aspect, but that may have been more of a leadership input then an organizational communication input. My organization skills could have been more improved however, but I will continue to work on the issue through other classes in which I have to give…

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