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Core objectives of criminal justice

The core objectives of criminal Justice system the delhi gang rape involves a brutal rape and a murder that occured on 16th december 2012 in Munirka when a 23 year old female was ruthlessly beaten and gangraped by 6 men in a private bus in which she was travelling with a male friend . the victim later died of her injuries in a singapore hospital . he chief minister mrs shiela dixit told the hindu newspaper that this was a “shockingly extraordinary case ” ” we want to insure that the culprits are not bailed under any circumstances tringent punishment for them is the need of the hour therefore 6 people one of them a Juvenile were put on trial for december 2012 delhi gang rape case .

India toughened its laws on sexual crimes , ntroducing death penalty for whose victim died or were left in a vegetative state . maximum people are supportive towards capital punishment there are plenty of people who want an eye for an eye not Justice but revege . there can be several amendments to attain the objectives ot an anti rape society but something which is needed is to change the mindset of men towards women be it the upper class or the lower class men should learn to respect women the lenght of a fabric worn by a women should not define her character

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