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Course Project – Huntsville Plant Project Sample Only

Current schedule comprises of activities to be performed only on the weekdays. If just 3 weekends are included in any one of the above activities, the total time can be easily reduced by 6 days which will be enough to meet the desired deadline. This will cost the same because 1 weeks work scheduled to be completed after the deadline will be performed before the deadline. It’s the same payment for same work, Just the work will be performed at an earlier than scheduled time. 2. Reduce an activitys duration: It might be possible to optimize the sub-tasks in an activity to reduce its estimated ength.

For example, “Construct Bldg” is scheduled to be 40 weeks and the contractor might be able to reduce this to 39 weeks maybe at an additional cost as constructions company meet tight deadlines all the times. Another option here will be to put additional resources on an activity to speed up things, at added financial expense to the project of course. 3. Overlap tasks: Another possibility is to divide the tasks further so that some sub-tasks can be started before a predecessor activity is completely finished. For example, in “Obtain

Permits & Approvals” activity, the permits that are required to start next activity “Construct Bldg” might be possibly obtained in two weeks and the third week is to obtain approvals that are only required after construction. In this case, the “Obtain Permits & Approvals” activity can be divided into two activities: “Obtain Pre- Construction Permits & Approvals” (2 weeks), and “Obtain Post-construction Permits & Approvals” (1 week) and the “Construct Bldg” can now start 1 week early as the second new activity is no longer a requirement for “Construct Bldg”.

Assigning dditional resources to speed up the activities is a rather common technique but care needs to be taken not to over-allocate the resources. In fact, there are some resources that are already over-allocated in this estimated schedule and their load needs to be reduced toa maximum ot 1 allocation so that they can complete their tasks properly. For example, Facility Specialist is over-allocated by 10% during 04-18-2011 and 04-29-2011 as 60% of FS’S time is allocated to “Select Architect” activity while another 50% is allocated to the activity “Select Real Estate Consultant”.

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