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Criminal justice week 1

One person comes to mind when I think of a person who has come from a typically described as “good” family background. As a child of three my mother made sure my two brothers and I had everything we needed. My mom always taught my brothers and me that you cannot truly appreciate something unless you have worked for it. My family consist of educated, hard-working, honest people. My place of residence was in satisfactory condition. I barley seen any gangs, fights, or robberies. Growing up I couldn’t even imagine a place full of crime and mischief; and I thought the same for y brother.

Moving from the suburbs to north Minneapolis was when everything around me changed. Life wasn’t as sweet as I thought it would be. My brother who was once kind and ambitious, was now taking a different path. As in the social learning theory, I believe that once my brother began to fit in with society and see every day mishaps and rewards, he began to want more. The new Jordan shoes and clothes was all my brother could think about. Knowing that my mother could not afford these things, he began to do what other kids his age were doing, such as robbing and stealing.

Even though he knew what he was doing was wrong, the reward outweighed the consequences as the Choice Theory states. As A child I pictured my brothers and I growing up to have great Jobs in a career that we loved and worked hard for. Its crazy how one move can change your whole life? My brother is now 25yrs old and is still committing crime. On the other hand, what about people from poor families who have not fallen into criminal behavior? I have a friend who was raised in Chicago Illinois, to a drug abusing mother.

My friend was taught that you have to do whatever it takes to urvive, even if that meant breaking the law. I remember having conversations with her where she told me she had to steal money, break into peoples’ houses, and without being caught. She thought she would never get caught. Time soon caught up to her and she was charged with assault and other misdemeanor crimes. After enduring a lot of time spent in programs, court rooms, Jails, and alone my friend never wanted to live that life again. She made a complete turnaround. The Developmental Theory comes to mind when I think of this situation. The

Developmental Theory recognizes that when a person breaks the law and they will see a lot of benefits from it but you will get caught. By getting caught and punished for committing a crime that person will be less likely to commit the crime again. My friend now surrounds herself around more goal oriented people. She feels that you are your environment. I named only a few theories of criminology that may have been the cause of both situations. Being a criminal may be the cause of many things, no one is born a criminal. Life will take you through ups and downs it’s up to you what you want to be hen you grow up.

Even though, researchers are finding more evidence that criminality can be genetic or caused by a lack of vitamins, hormones, and food intake. The genetic and biochemical theory can better explain these reasons. I believe that if everyone were able to live middle class and worry less about being able to support our families. I was raised in a good environment as a child, and as I got older the worse my environment got. With dedication and ambition I was able to overcome a lot of obstacles without breaking the law.

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