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criminal law

Explain the definition of discretion and selective enforcement and how it applies to law enforcement.
Discretion is having the will to make choices without being restricted. Selective enforcement is the power to determine how to punish someone who has violated the law or whether they should be punished. Both apply to law enforcement because anyone can violate the law at their own discretion, and being that a law was violated a punishment must be given.Evaluate “Peel’s Principles” in Exhibit 2-6 and write a short essay on whether these principles have any application in today’s policing efforts.
In reading “Peel’s Principles” I believe in today’s policing efforts that those guidelines do apply. All of those principles are very important and are vital for police and the community to understand that police aren’t around to hurt us but are here to help us when in some sort of trouble. Many people think of the police as someone who is looking for trouble, and most people say that they don’t like the police, but at the end of the day when something horrible happens the police is the first to be called. Explain why Alice Stebbins Wells was so important in American Policing History.
Alice Stebbins Wells was important in American Policing History because she was the first policewomen and she served 30 years. Explain what implied powers are and why they are important to the criminal justice system.
Implied powers are powers that are not described but still exist and is important. Implied powers are important to the criminal justice system because many people imply that if someone says ‘I walked through the kitchen, out of the house’ we could imply that he/she went through a door to get out of the house, although there are plenty other things that he/she could’ve did to get out of the house. How does the implementation of management theory relate to the amount of stress an employee may feel while on the job? How are the concepts of management…

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