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CRJ 305 Week 5 Final Paper (Ash Course)Focus of the Final ProjectThe purpose of the Final Project is for you to demonstrate your understanding of crime prevention programs and the role crime prevention plays in the overall criminal justice system. You may select a crime prevention program that addresses law enforcement, the courts, or corrections; or it may be a comprehensive program that addresses all three. The program may address the adult justice system, juvenile justice systems, or both. For the purposes of this assignment assume, you are preparing a proposal to a city, county, or state governmental body to recommend the implementation of a crime prevention program within their jurisdiction. You need to demonstrate the value of the crime prevention program and its effectiveness in reducing crime thus reducing the overall costs to the jurisdiction or building value that improves the effectiveness of crime prevention to the community justifying the additional expenditures.Your proposal will include:1. A summary of the jurisdiction (i.e., city, county, or state) and the portion of the criminal justice System your proposal is designed to address.2. An analysis of the current trends from three comparable cities in population size, utilizing the SARA Model and the Crime Analysis Triangle. (Note: Crime Analysis for Problem Solvers in 60 Small Steps, Steps 7 and 8). You will compare the data from three comparable jurisdictions and compare it to national data.3. A determination of the appropriate crime prevention strategy for the jurisdiction based on this analysis.4. A review of academic literature and studies on the various crime prevention programs to address the needs of the community. How does the crime prevention…

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