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DD305 TMA 01

TMA 01‘To speak of the mutual constitution of personal lives and social policy is to suggest that each of these contributes to the formation of the other.’In this essay I will discuss how the mutal constituation of personal lives and social policy suggests that each of these contributes to the formation of the other or not as the case maybe, by using narrative Option one: Tania to explain and illustrate the above statement.
Task 1. Explain the ways in which the narrative can be used to illustrate ‘the personal’ in the author’s life. (750-800).
The option one narrative
Every person has a ‘personal’ regardless of their social background and the person lives of individuals are shaped
However when talking about ‘the personal’ I am not reffering to something that can be seen as it is not highly visable but it is more than an inner self, the society that we live in are influenced by social divisons, for example class, age or gender .The narrivte can be used to explain the ‘personal’ in the authors life by The diverse arena of social policy is replete with assumptions about ‘the personal’ We can identify three dimensions to these assumptions. First the state assumes responsibility for structing the shape of personal lives via notions of opportunity, constraint, legality, responsibility and morality. The state does this in part through the social policy systems it adopts and legitimates for example foster care.
An array of ‘elements’ that act on a person to make her’ produce multiple identities and provide the frameworks through which people narrate and make sense of their lives for example personal narratives.
The relationship between personnel lives and social policy and everyday practices concepts and theoretical perspectives that might be used to analyse that relationship.Encompassing the ‘individual’ but not the same as or reducible to it. And that the ‘individual’ is herself/ conceptualized as a socio-historical subject only…

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