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How a person views the world around them, their worldview, is shaped by their beliefs on the ideas of God, humanity, what truth is, and life’s purpose. Personally, my beliefs in these things are all consistent with a Christian worldview. I believe that God is the almighty creator that is kind, loving, understanding, patient, and very tolerant. I also believe that a human being is defined as a form of God because He created us in His image and that after one dies they either go to Heaven or Hell depending on the life they lived.

I believe that the nature of the universe and everything in it was reated by God and I believe that things that are of God, such as love and care, are all right and things that are not, like stealing, killing, and adultery, wrong. I know that every person was put on this earth with a God given purpose. My commitments to God, family, friends, and school are consistent with a Christian worldview and they impact my life by growing and shaping me into the person I have become today.

The Christian worldview presented in class was one that God is put in the fore front of everything. The example of a person with the perfect Christian worldview that we are given is Jesus. One who has a Christian worldview is one that makes every though, decision, and action with God first. A person with a Christian worldview would look at the world and everything in it as God’s and made by Him. They would also strive to treat every person with love and respect.

There are many other things that go into a Christian worldview but basically one who has a Christian worldview would to work to see the world as God would. I consider my worldview to be the same as what was taught in class. I seek to put God at the head of my everyday life; and base all of my decisions and actions on what I know to be true from the bible. I ultimately strive to be like Jesus, who was the ultimate example of what l, as a Christian, am supposed to be like. My view of the world creates my thoughts and actions.

How I interact with people and with the world around me is dictated by my worldview. Therefore, having a Christian worldview means, as I mentioned several times before, that I put God first in all things. This means that my thoughts and actions are ultimately dictated by my longing to be closer to Him. My worldview has changed over the course of this class by clarifying it. I had always had a Christian worldview and knew that I wanted to erve Him with everything however, this class really helped me understand why I was believing what I was believing.

It has also helped improve my worldview because it helped clarify areas of my life that weren’t consistent with my worldview as a Christian that needed to change. All in all my worldview as a Christian has been greatly impacted and improved because of this class. I now understand how certain things, like the how the trinity works, those were not ever made clear to me before. I have matured very much spiritually and personally because of this class.

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