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Diary of witness

Diary of Witness
At first Ernie is an overweight teen and the target of school bullying. He spends his days at high school trying to stay out of their way. His friend Will helps him a lot to antagonize the bullies. As plots goes by Will is having serious problems at home his brother dies on a fishing trip and his death was partially caused by Will’s actions. While Will sinks into depression and rage, As Will’s best friends Ernie has to help him and make some tough decisions . In this kind of situations Ernie grows up and becomes a hero.
Ernie’s departure from innocence is after Sam’s death. This accident made him grow up. Ernie’s mom always treats him like a baby. But as uncle Max said Ernie is not a baby anymore he is not as innocent as before. Uncle Max was right after that accident Ernie faced death and lost someone he’ve already been a lot and seen a lot. He began to consider the situation and hide something to his mother. Following chapter shows he’ve already grew up. he didn’t tell his mom his fever and the truth about jackets.
When Ernie Grew up what he need to chase is searching for knowledge. In the book Ernie searched knowledge by talking and having trip with uncle Max. Ernie likes to have a special time with Uncle Max because he can share feeling and hold some questions to Uncle Max. During that period Uncle can help him to understand complex circumstances. When Ernie went to the cabin with Uncle Max he wants to talk with Uncle max along. Because Uncle Max is not just an elder to Ernie. In my view Uncle Max give advice and knowledge to Ernie. He let Ernie know how beautiful those deer are, and he help Ernie to overcome the difficulties time and time. After Ernie talked with uncle max he become more unselfish and shareable. Those are symbols of gaining knowledge.
It is true that Challenging made people stronger. In this book, Ernie face many challenges about bullying and his…

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