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You have received a business research study done by a consultant for a life insurance company. The study is a survey of customer satisfaction based on a sample of 600. You are asked to comment on its quality. What do you look for? The first aspect of the research study I would evaluate is the how the sample was selected. The criteria for choosing a 600 person sample size would need to be evaluated to ensure it was a random and fair sample.

I would be interested to know ow the researcher selected a size of 600. What were the researchers goals when researching customer satisfaction? What type of budget did the consultant have? Out of the 600 people in the sample, what similar characteristics do each participant share among one another? For example, are all 600 without an insurance claim? How many of the participants are new? How many have been with the company for 5+ years? The demographics of the sample size would be interesting to know as well.

For example, a sample of elderly people may be more inclined to state they are very satisfied. I would also be very interested in the purpose behind the research? Was the consultant who performed the research an outside or internal consultant? Lastly, I would be interested to know what the insurance company plans to do with the information? As with any research project, there must be a defined purpose, research process laid out and a research design which needs to be followed.

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