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Dolls House

A Doll’s House Act 2
12. Instead of being a mother to the children she is more of a play friend to them she promises to play with them and things like that.
13. The essence of this conversation was too discuss the terms of the bond they had both signed. Krogstad had used the copy of this bond to blackmail her into persuading her husband to allow Krogstad to keep his postion in the bank and maybe even a promotion. This shows us the mister krogstad is a very cold and cruel man he does not care for the well-being of anybody but himself.
Nora on the other hand is blinded by love, she does this to ensure that her husband lives so that they could continue the eight years of a good marriage. This shows us that she is very in love with Torvald that she even holds love above law.
14. They begin to talk about krogstad and his forgery but what Torvald doesn’t know is that it is actually Nora’s signature he has forged.
15. Act 1 brings us into the whole story between Torvald, Nora and Krogstad it shows us the different things that are going on in the story. It is the introduction to the Helmer family and shows us what difficulty Nora has put herself into.
16. She wants to go and get Mrs. Linde to assist her with the fancy dress.
17. She think that Nora should end it with Dr. Rank, she is not very fond of their relationship.
18. Torvald thinks that because Krogstad has forged a signature once he doesn’t believe anything will stop him from doing it again.

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