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There are different types of businesses such as self employed, online businesses, corporation, partnerships just to name a few. Self employed businesses have they good and bad side. The main good thing about it is that you are you own boss and you also provide what is best for your business. The other side of it is that you do everything by yourself meaning that you will be working longer hours and won’t have coverage when you are sick or have emergencies. However, after reading the book SMEs as the Unknown Stakeholder by Massimiliano Di Bitetto, GianMarco Gilardoni, Paolo D’Anselmi I realize that they made some good points on how the state should help them facilitate their activities by improving social security system and their taxes. In the same way, those type of businesses listed above have their ups and down. Online businesses have become very popular nowadays. But after seeing this question online:” If your business sells goods on the Web and you can offer products that help the environment, why not offer those?” I started questioning myself on how this is true.Hence, business affects supplier and demand. For example, when new television, gaming devices or shoes come up, they either put the price up or make limited supplies. That makes the consumers get it
quick as they don’t want to miss out on that product. Let’s also take the example of the I-phone 6 coming up. It is being promoted everywhere and customers are pre-ordering them and if you look at it, there is no much difference but the price went up highly. However consumers are still going to get it.Although the main social responsibility of business is to maximize sales, customer satisfaction should be there number 1 priority. An article of Bill Slawski where he stated that: “In the profit-centered business, customer happiness is merely a means to an end: maximizing profits. In the customer-centered business, customer happiness is an end in itself, and will be pursued with greater interest,…

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