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Abortion ManifestoAbortion has been a controversial subject for years now. Many people believe abortion is a sin and don’t consider it an option at all. It is controversial due to its frequency of occurrence, legal, cultural and religious status that varies extensively in different regions of the world. Why should a woman be forced to make an opinion based on the beliefs of her religion/community?
One of the most common reasons why women choose abortion is due to young age, financial and relationship instability, not wanting to stop working, or still being in school. Why should a woman have to pause their life due to an unplanned pregnancy? Abortion is still illegal in many countries such as China, causing women to seek unsafe practices in order to get an abortion. Abortion is also seen as a sin in many religions. Although some religions only see it as a sin if it is done after 120 days when the fetus has developed, other religions do not believe in abortion at all. Before the third trimester of a pregnancy, the fetus does not feel any “pain” during the abortion procedure. 80% of the abortions done in Canada and the US in the past year have been before the third trimester, within the first 120 days. Pro-choice doesn’t necessarily mean one is pro-abortion but being able to choose is a right all women should have. Some cultures don’t give women the right to make any decision at all, let alone a decision that only affects them and their bodies. Why should a male have the final say when he is not the one carrying the child? In Canada for every 4 live births, there is 1 abortion. Globally 42 million abortions occur per year.  It is estimated that each year 40% of pregnancies are unplanned and half of those are ended in abortion. If a woman knows that they are unable to provide for a child why should they be forced to give birth knowing they can’t be the parent the wish they could be? A child should have equal opportunity when they are brought into this world,…

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