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“Romanticism is concerned with the question of Nature”
Romanticism refers to a association that was formed in the 18th and 19th which was a result of reaction to the philosophy, fine art, literature, political affairs and religion that were exhibited by the neoclassicism and the recognized orthodoxy that were leading in that time. The movement had risen very gradually and was demonstrated with many phases that not even a reasonable characterization is possible.
Romanticism has been expressed in the works of literature; a more commonly used phrase been liberalism in literature, which is a deeper meaning of the liberation of the writers and the artist. Some writers did advocate for the inclusion of beauty in the works of literature, for this reason making the literature to have a romantic mood which actually give a great desire to break away from distasteful realities. Romanticism had some distinctive aspects in the England movement which included the love of nature, receptivity, primitivism and other concerned interest of the precedent like eccentricity, theology, idealism criticism which were often a reaction towards anything seen as neoclassicism. The precise qualities held by these general qualities included exclusion of the heroic couplet so as to favor void verse, the limerick, and the Spenserian stanza. Others included the omitting of conservative poetic enunciation so as to favor other newer language which got bolder figures. This was portrayed through the adulation of the bucolic life, eagerness for the feral and the monstrous of the nature and the sculpture.
Romanticism is heavily concerned with nature as portrayed by many poets in their works of literature. Example, the poem the world is too much with us, the writer; William Wordsworth laid blame on the contemporary age for losing a close correlation with the nature and other meaningful things. This is portrayed…

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