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Essy on SK

Furthermore, this youth government is fairly represented in the legislative body of the cities/ municipalities as the president of the SK Federation has a seat in the policy-making bodies such as the Sangguniang Panlungsod or Sangguniang Panlalawigan. Caloocan City Representative Edgar Erice, who dubbed SK as a “school of corruption”, refiled his bill for the abolition of the youth council noting that by abolishing SK, it would save government at least Pl . 1 billion on election expenses with almost 42,000 seats for SK chairpersons & 300,000 seats for SK council up for grabs in the upcoming barangay polls.

He proposes that the billion-peso budget can be reverted to national treasury and be re-allocated to increase appropriations for new school buildings. The Commission on Elections is reportedly planning to come up with a resolution urging President Aquino to ask legislators to postpone the conduct of the SK elections scheduled simultaneously with the barangay polls. The Comelec expects that through the postponement, it will be proven that the country can do without the SK, which will subsequently lead to its abolition.

I strongly believe this issue is a very political one as it involves youth participation in policy-making and governance wherein the younger members of society are given the privilege to voice out their concerns and push for policies that would cater to the betterment of the youth. I agree that the intention of this youth council is noble – as t aims to create fair representation and active involvement of the youth in government. It is supposed to act as training ground for our countrys future leaders.

However, with the current situation of Philippine politics, the execution of this is poorly done. Four to five years ago, we are part of this youth council with supposed members from 15-17 years old. However, most of us are unaware of the projects and events they offer us. It is not serving its purpose of providing the youth with political training. I believe the problem here is that it lacks proper supervision from higher uthorities giving the SK semi-autonomy on how to handle things.

We also have to keep in mind that these people are still very young and could really need proper guidance from our local officials. If they could not execute the plans well, the budget allocated to them will Just be put to waste. I agree with QC Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte in her statement that instead of an SK, the government should Just make it mandatory to involve the youth to be represented in various local councils wherein they can push their agenda without the need to allot them huge amounts of money. Essay on SK By vincecruz08

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