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Ethical Issues in Management Hiring

Ethical Issues in Management Hiring Hiring is the process of interviewing the candidate selected to the Job he, or she applied for. Appointment of a certain person to a particular post involves formally asking that person to work on the position her, or he officially to do it; It involves placing the selected employees on the right position of the Jobs. Hiring is an everyday Job for every business. It is not an easy Job as it sounds; they are numerous rules, and procedures that the interviewing person needs to follow. There are so many moral and ethical issues to deal with each day by anagers who are concerned in the hiring procedure.

In addition, hiring managers must always follow to the procedures that are written to protect the applicants. It is a manager responsibility to must put all biases aside and hires the right person with the right qualities for the position. While this is not a hard task, many make it hard. Example: if the interviewing manger had to interview five people, four of them are Americans and one of them is African, then all four Americans got the Job except the African, then her, or she would file a law suite gainst this company, they should be no raise preferences when it comes to hiring.

Most business examine the applicants before hiring them, this way the business is protected in case of a law suite, I personally went thru this experience, after I quit my last Job at “Macys” I decided to go back to restaurant restaurant, first I had to go thru three interviews, then the last interview is what they call it an RGP, it is a day where they hade me manage the coffee for the entire day so they can see my ability of work, and observe my management skills. Once I get the Job’s offer, I have to go thru eight weeks training, where I have to take four exams, and I have to score at least eighty percent or more in order to get the Job.

When I first looked at it seems to me that they are exaggerating in their hiring process, but then when I thought about it, I found out that it is very fair the candidate and the company as well There are many moral and ethical issues that management has to deal with when hiring new employees and that is why the entire process of hiring new employees is not an easy one. One issue a manager may have to face when onsidering prospective employees is that of nepotism. Nepotism is favoritism granted to relatives or friends, without regard to their merit (Nepotism, 2010).

In the case of a hiring manager, a nepotism-type conflict could arise if a person used his or her position of power or authority to influence the hiring process of a friend or relative. There are many practical steps that a hiring manager can apply to avoid or resolve any issues with nepotism when in the hiring process. Some of these steps include: reviewing the company’s policies on nepotism and ensure that you ollow them, work with your human resources department to resolve any issues, and not allowing rumors to thrive and encourage unfounded views of nepotism that could impact the organization in a negative manner. anagement is an additional practice in which managers must pursue. With the help of training, leadership, and certain fair practices, managers can be respected and looked up to by their peers and employees. Ethical and Social Issues explains, when describing business, ethics is defined as, the ability to reflect on key values along with a company’s decision- aking process, to decide how values and decisions affect the stakeholder groups, and to ascertain how managers can use these teachings in everyday organizational operations.

Ethical business leaders make every effort for fairness and Justice within the boundaries of sound management practices. Using the process of ethical analysis, an individual will be given the ability to analyze a situation. With this process an individual can identify the stakeholders or employees, the decisions which can be reasonably taken, the consequences of the decision, and the facts. Additionally, the process allows an individual to define the dilemma or conflict, although, in most cases a dilemma possesses two opposed courses of action, which both burden meaningful values.

In business today there are many instances of corporations that act from unethical standard, including the company that I used to work for” Macys”. Other department manager waned to share with me one of his pans in hiring someone that he likes, he told me that there is a girl that used to work with him in his preview Job. And he would love to bring here to work for him in hi s department, nd since we are not hiring, he decided to push someone else from the department to quit so he can have an opening.

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