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Lauren first job was working as a quality engineer for a highly respected technology company. The company has a good reputation for earning large contracts with a strategic industry. The company work to develop and research devices that will be incorporated into the strategic team. This gives the strategic team an opportunity to claim control in the market industry. However, Lauren detected during testing that the product did not meet the required quality test. Lauren notified her immediate supervisor and later informed the general manager. Both parties agreed that Lauren should approve the device despite the negative results.
Lauren was uneasy about signing off the report that she knew was to be fraudulent. Also, she knew going against her immediate bosses would probably jeopardize her career.
Definition of Business Ethics
Business ethics is a set of moral, values and corporate standards of conduct that is accepted in business organization. This stipulation can vary from one company to another. According Kirk Hanson, business ethics is the study of the standards of business behavior, which promote human welfare and the good. (Merchant, 2015)
In regards to Lauren’s decision whether if it’s was ethical or unethical issue, it relates to the fact whether the decision is damaging or not. However, consumers will suffer through this ordeal if they received poor quality product. This is result in the company reputation producing poor quality products. Lauren’s decision will have a major impact on the consumer future business with the company. Her reputation with the managers will be affected negatively. As a result, Lauren will probably be terminated from the company whether she moves forward or reject the product if she does not inform her upper management. Furthermore, the customer will be affected due to poor quality product, as it will harm the environment.
Both Lauren and the company have…

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