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Example of a Mock-Heroic Poem

As I opened the door to my room I came to find The Jungle of Mess that I thought I left behind I mustered all my courage and stepped in But nothing could have prepared me for what was in store; Oh, if I only knew that my future would soon become dim! Coming fast and unexpectedly the serpent slithered fast Concocted by the closet demon – of all the clothes forgotten on the floor that was left in the past Panicked, I proceeded to run out

Only to be bombarded by a tsunami of dity socks, crumpled papers and dust spread throughout I fought and pleaded for them to let me go But they Just laughed and prepared to give the final death blow “All hope is lost! I give up! I’m dying! They’ve won! ” I thought miserably And Just as soon as I was ready to step into the light I found courage and instead decided not to give up without a fight I picked up a guitar all used and worn

And smashed it on the serpent with anger and scorn Threw all the socks in the laundry bin and the papers in the trash And swept all the dust away in a flash The closet demon cried as it lost it’s power slowly and slowly until finally vanishing into debris. I sighed in relief claiming victory for myself My room was clean and no longer will I have feelings of dread. I went to bed and fell asleep Only to wake up to a familiar sight – and so I screamed “Oh no, it was Just a dream! “

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