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FIN 366 Week 1 DQ 1
FIN 366 Week 1 DQ 2
FIN 366 Week 1 Individual Assignment Individual
FIN 366 Week 2 DQ 1
FIN 366 Week 2 DQ 2
FIN 366 Week 2 Individual Assignment
FIN 366 Week 3 DQ 1
FIN 366 Week 3 DQ 2
FIN 366 Week 3 Individual Assignment Federal Reserve
FIN 366 Week 4 DQ 1
FIN 366 Week 4 DQ 2
FIN 366 Week 4 Individual Assignment Financial Transaction
FIN 366 Week 5 Individual Assignment Global Financial
FIN 366 Week 5 Learning Team Assignment Market
FIN 366 Week 5 Learning Team Assignment Presentation —————————————————————————————————————————-FIN 366 Final Exam GuideFor more course tutorials visit
1. In current years, the number of commercial banks in the U.S. has been rising.
a. True or False
2. Life insurance agencies also administer personal pension plans which comprise the proposal of guaranteed investment contracts (GICs).
a. True or False
3. Which of the subsequent take place when administrators take on growth-oriented investments to boost an FI’s size that may be conflicting with stockholders’ value-maximizing objectivesa. Technology risk
b. Operational efficiency
c. Agency conflicts
d. Diseconomies of scale
e. Diseconomies of scope
4. Which is the fundamental goal of a commercial banka. long-term growth
b. deposit growth
c. bank safety
d. long-term profit maximization

5. Under the Glass-Steagall Act commercial banks were allowed to countersign and trade Federal government securities and general obligation bonds of states and municipalities.
a. True or False6. All of the underneath are the key services of investment banking firms except
a. making commercial loans
b. bringing new security issues to market
c. trading securities
d. brokerage

7. Which of the underneath legislations permitted…

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