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Personally, my opinion of Martin Luther King was that he is a person with great rhetoric skills. He was using all three parts of rhetoric speech (Pathos, Logos, and Ethos) in his letter from Birmingham Jail. However, he was using very strong statements to explain status of African Americans in society. He was writing this letter in plural, trying to show that he is not alone, mainly to illustrate the he represents the majority. He is using expression “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere,” to explain his humanity and that he can’t sit and watch injustice around him without doing nothing .

He said that we can’t afford again to live with narrow, provincial “outside agitator” ideas. He said that what for some people is right for others don’t mean the same. He gave great example with Germans and Jews in the second world war . He said that what Hitler did in Germany was “legal” but in other hand was illegal to aid and comfort of Jew in Hitler’s Germany . King said that everyone who lives in the USA should be treated the same way, without matter which color that a person is or which religion that person is, everybody should be the same.

He is using laws, church , peace, family all these strong statements to explain that hat is happening to African Americans is not right and that they have same rights as Caucasians. During his letter and his speech he is putting accent on equality in human rights. What left the biggest impact on me was the part when he mentioned his son, and when he asked him why he can’t go to the playground with white kids. He answers criticism of the timing of the campaign , following on the heels of Bull Connor’s defeat by Albert Boutwell in a runoff for Mayor of Birmingham.

He detailed the reason that the “impatience” of the African American was fully Justified. “For years now I have heard the word ‘Wait! It rings in the ear of every Negro with piercing familiarity. This ‘Wait’ has almost always meant ‘Never’. He concludes with the words of Thurgood Marshall, “Justice too long delayed is Justice denied. ” The African American principal crusader, Martin Luther King Junior, is a strong protester regarding civil rights for other African Americans.

His goal is to motivate emotion of satisfaction in subversive actions. Luther thrives on a sense of reason and Judgment, mostly to explain why his generation should oblige with the influence a supernatural being, moreover, know as God. Martin’s revelation embarks n the Justice of a commandment. Quoting the St. Thomas Aquinas in order to maintain confirmation shows its similarities to its ending. Being a Jewish philosopher, Martin Buber, is an extreme admiration to Luther. His viewings on life policies match up with those of Kings.

They both approve of unjust laws for segregation. Concluding and declaring Paul Tillich who is a memorable protestant theologian, both discuss that segregation is despicable and corrupt. King strives to use quotations from honored and respected individuals in the spiritual fields. Determined, he wants to accomplish and display that every human being must stand or American laws supported by the Supreme Court. Not only does he strive, but he upholds a sturdy place for a superior influence known as moral ethics.

Eight Alabama Clergymen”, shows the intellectual being Martin is and his requests to rationalize the meaningful significance and authority of his contribution in the proceedings in Alabama to illustrate his philosophy as a reputable to his peers. Delegate, diplomat and commissioner to African Americans, King struggles to institute equal rights amongst himself and his clergymen. He accomplishes the importance of showing and strengthening his visualization for the battle for Civil Rights. Aspiring to produce the emotion of recognition with civil rights, his peers are in a will and are ready to take note of his conversation.

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