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New Product Launch Marketing Plan Part IIIIntroductionExecutive summary
Team C Elite was founded in April 2012 and has produced a series of athletic running shoes. Our team’s corporate headquarters are located in Los Angeles, Ca
Team C elite are providing a new type of running shoe. Our running shoes provide features for your everyday athlete such as flexibility, lighter material, treading, and a stronger shock absorbent. The running shoe will be made of a temper-pedic gel that will retain its shape and balance for even the most rigorous athlete. The shoe insert is removable and replaceable. The absorbent gel is evenly distributed throughout the joint which helps ease pressure of the joints.
Elite running shoes target age range is 13-50 year- olds. Team C considered the age ranges based on factors starting with children in middle school, as this is the time when children compete in school sports. As a country we are becoming more health conscious and many people are starting to take their health more seriously, and becoming more active in fitness, so our team thought it would be a good idea to have a bigger age range target to focus our efforts. Team Elite is not gender specified and is fit for both male and female runners. Before branching out internationally, team Elite wants to reach out to athletic departments in numerous schools. The goal is to provide continually a quality product that will be purchased in bulk year after year. Our team’s corporate headquarters in California and we plan to choose a few schools nearby to sponsor. These schiils will be used for research because they will have the opportunity to be the first to test new products and give us feedback on design and performance of the shoes. Elite running shoes offers comfort fitting, pain relieving, and stylish running shoes at an affordable price. Although Nike and other top brands offer stylish running shoes, Elite…

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