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Global Climate Change

Global Climate Change
Marcia Fontenot
Environmental Science – 2
Instructor: Angela Edwards
Global climate change is how the world is slowly changing in how it process the climate change; Fall, Spring, Winter and Summer. The climate change is coming from the greenhouse effect where the ozone layer is being destroyed because of pollution and how we are not taking care of the earth. The ozone layer has been slowly disappearing because of the pollution and not properly disposing of waste. This is in turn causing the weather to change where it is colder and hotter when it shouldn’t be. I has caused shifts in the tides as well causing storms to be worst then they should destroying cities in the process. We have now learned to recycle so that we have less waste. We have also started the Go Green platform to plant more trees to produce more oxygen to try to salvage the ozone layer.
Global Climate Change Research Explorer states that we also know that human activities—primarily the burning of fossil fuels—have increased the greenhouse gas content of the earth’s atmosphere significantly over the same period. Carbon dioxide is one of the most important greenhouse gases, which trap heat near the planet’s surface. The vast majority of climate researchers agree with these overall findings. The scientific disagreements that do still exist primarily concern detailed aspects of the processes that make up these largely accepted general themes. They also state that the “greenhouse effect” is one aspect of this energy budget. Just as the glass walls of a greenhouse keep the interior temperature higher than that outside, the earth’s atmosphere traps some of the energy radiated from the earth near the planet’s surface. The presence of “greenhouse gases” (like water vapor and carbon dioxide), keeps the planet’s average temperature at a hospitable 15°C. (With no greenhouse effect, the earth’s average temperature would stabilize at about -18°C). Not all…

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