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The Importance of cleanliness
in the Marine CorpsThere are many reasons for cleanliness and grooming in the marine corps. The requirement for hair grooming standard is important to maintain uniformity within a Marine population. Many hair styles are acceptable as long as they are very neat and conservative. I will go over the requirements as well as some of what experts in the civilian world have said about grooming in the workplace. I will first start off by siting what MCO P1020.34G has to say about grooming, cleanliness and the standards at which marines should uphold while in the Marine Corps.
MCO P1020.34G Section 1000. Paragraph 5 Changes 6, a, b, and c
When official references are made to the uniform by any person in the Marine Corps, or its official publications, the terms in these regulations will be used.Wearing the uniform should be a matter of personal pride to all Marines. Marines will maintain their uniforms and equipment in a neat and serviceable condition and will, by their appearance, set an example of neatness and strict conformity with these regulations.(ALMAR 299/97 and MARADMIN 322/05)
Marines are not known just for their battlefield prowess,but for their unparalleled standards of professionalism and ncompromising personal conduct and appearance. It is a Marine’s duty and personal obligation to maintain a professional and neat appearance. Any activity which detracts from the dignified appearance of Marines, is unacceptable. The use of chewing gum, chewing tobacco, cigarettes or the consumption of food while walking in uniform or while in formation are examples of activities that detract from the appearance expected of a United States Marine.(ALMAR 299/97 and MARADMIN 322/05)
Good judgment will govern the application of this policy in the field environment. (ALMAR 299/97 and MARADMIN 322/05)
The purpose of this policy is to ensure Marines present the best possible image at all times and continue to lead the way in military…

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