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Hard Problem of Overpopulation in India

Hard Problem of Overpopulation in India BY kyle369 The Hard Problem of Over Population in India Educating the Masses About Population is Necessary Population explosion is considered next only nuclear explosion by experienced observers like Collin de legume. A corollary to it, it brings problems like unemployment. Lack of supply of fundamental facilities like water supply, owing to unimaginable expansion of dwelling areas, scarcity of good grains, insufficient residential areas etc. They lead to civil unrest, domestic disturbance and ight at the extreme lead to national disintegrate also.

So population explosion must always be control for citizen welfare and maintaining national integrity. There is a large shift from villages to cities at present. The fast increasing fascination of the urban life and the western culture that dominates urban societies is the primary cause for it. In addition the education opportunity, the medical facilities, the other -wise growth which city-life offers career-mind youth to urban areas and especially to metropolises. These comforts and opportunities for growth are denied in rural life. So it is natural that we have a large scale migration from villages to cities these days.

Urban life and its comforts and its opportunities only give scope to increasing one’s scientific and technical knowledge. They many contribute to the individual’s sense of elegance but deny minimum needs to collective life. They may make breathe a sense of participation in modern life in the long run it leads denial of the basic human needs like healthy food healthy environment. The measures that are required for opulation control are not only birth control but also educating masses about the need for having small families and the result domestic bliss.

When they are done, population control gains certain currency. Apart from increments to employees who undertake family planning measures, better educational prospects or concessions in providing fundamental requirements like housing loans in nationalized banks etc. might be given to families with only two children. Population growth can also be controlled by stressing on the need for a healthy and decent life on the globe with a ufficiently healthy environment with ecological balance.

People must be educated about the necessary of ecological balance because as population increases, forests must be cleaned to serve as residential areas and that leads to reduction of natural wealth and wild animal number. In addition, reduction of forests reduces rainfall, and that affects food crops as well commercial crops. So educating the masses about population is necessary if we are to survive in healthy environment on the globe and maintain decent living standards.

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