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If you downloaded the New York template from The Ultimate Fake ID Guide 2009 Version 5 you will want to use this newest perfect New York template called “New York Template Version 6”. The Version 6 NY template is 100% perfect front and back (25 hours work added on to it from V5). First I would like to say that Perf (The Perfectionist) from http://the-perf-shop- part-2. 7p. com is in no way affiliated with this guide. Perf runs a legit art store. He has said before that if anyone emails him and mentions fake id’s in the email he has to ignore that email.

You can’t blame him because after all, how does he know a cop isn’t sending him an email mentioning planned fake id use so that they can try and trap him for knowingly selling to someone who mentioned planned non legal use. Simply put, order as much supplies as you like from Perf but don’t mention fake id’s or any other non legal things in emails to him. I think Perf uses an offshore russian email service anyhow so it’s not like anyone can ever get his email records but anyhow respect Perf’s wishes and don’t mention non legal things when asking him questions and whatnot.

All of the supplies in this tutorial can be bought from http://the-perf-shop- part-2. 7p. com Open the newer New York template found in the Ultimate Fake ID Guide Version 5 (Version 5 has the PERFECT NY template). Edit the template with your customers information/picture on it. Then add the ID & 2D barcode onto the back of the New York template. The back template with both barcodes is the normal back template, the other one is for “enhanced”NY ID’s. UPDATE- The below text talks about making barcodes yourselves, however there is a New York ID ; 2D barcode maker program that came with the Version 5 guide.

Just use the program and then copy and paste the barcodes onto the back template. You can skip the barcode steps below by using the NY barcode maker program. UPDATE- Someone said the the NY barcode maker program creates perfect NY barcodes however when they took it to a store it didn’t scan or something. Not sure if this happens every time or in Just his case. So here is a tip to try and make sure the 2D NY barcodes scan every time: “Add a 1. 5 pixel gaussian blur to the barcode images. I’m not sure why but when they are actually scanned, not digitally, they nave to be impertec t.

The blur will simulate a ower resolution. Or you could add a pixelation filter. ” To do that you would open the “NYBarcode” barcode program, click on new NY up top, put all of the info in and then copy the data, paste it into . PDFcenter and finish making tha 2D barcode. Then open up a new file, 3. 4 width by 2. 2 height and make it 1200 DPI, then in Photoshop open up the barcode. Then use the Rectangular Marquee Tool and highlight the 2D barcode, go to Filter > Blur > gaussian blur and set the pixelation to 1. 5 then the barcode will look slightly less digital.

Tutorial #1 of the version 5 guide explains how to create 2D barcodes some more. XxTheKidxX” recommended these settings in PDFcenter for the New York 2D barcode. 2d Barcode – I use PDFcenter that came with Ver. 5 Settings read * Target printer DPI – 750 (1200 DPI -remp. ) * Columns – 20 * ROWS – 20 However “Budss” recommended * Target printer DPI – 300 (1200 DPI -remp. ) * Columns – 18 * 21 I think “budss” may be more exact because the PDF decoder for the 2D NY barcode said this up top—> “Dimensions 21×18,R-S error 3”. Now that you have the front and back template edited.

Cut out a piece of 10 mil teslin (found on http://the-perf-shop-part-2. 7p. com) to 4 x 6 inches… Line it up with a 4 x 6 index card and then put them both onto a paper cutter (you can buy paper cutters at staples or office depot for $35) and then cut the teslin out to 4 x 6 inches with the paper cutter. You can use scissors alternatively but if the top teslin part is cut with less than perfectly steady hands, then the barcode will look slightly slanted. Using a paper cutter to line up the teslin with the 4 x 6 index card will allow perfectly clean cuts and the back template/barcode will be perfectly even with the front.

Then print the tront template onto the teslin using your C N inkjet printer. Canon’s are excellent inkjet printers far BETTER than epson. Go to the photoshop file>print and then when the Canon print box pops up click properties then, Print Quality – click “High” Media type – click “Matte photo paper” Then “page settings” up top do these below, Page size – click “4×6” Orientation – click “Landscape” Page layout – click “Fit to page” OR “Normal Size” as I can’t remember off the top of my head. Then click 0K. Then click Print. Then flip the teslin and print the back.

Now you will use your pre filled Blue UV filled inkjet cartridges (HP 51645A *HP 45*) ou bought from perf (http://the-perf-shop-part-2. 7p. com) Now put your 4×6 printed New York teslin, into your HP printer so that you can use your HP printer to print the IJV. Ask perf which HP printer’s you will need to buy to use the HP UV inkjet cartridge. The cartridge may work for many model HP printers or only certain ones… The UV for the front and back of the New York IDs were included in the front and back New York templates in the Ultimate Fake ID Guide Version 3.

Using your HP stuff from perf, print the front UV design onto the front teslin, and then flip it over and print the back UV design onto the teslin. The front UV is the 2 New York seals and the back UV says “NY” scrolling across. They are both layers included with the temps. You can Just use blue for the front UV if you want, however if you want the UV perfect you’ll want to make it multicolored like as shown in the real NY UV front photo on the big seal in the middle. You’ll need to order 2 UV ink cart colors from perf.

The big seal is blue on the outsides and more yellow/green (l think it looks like) in the middle. So order a blue UV cart and a Yellow UV cart from Perf. Some people have said the the yellow/greem UV vanishes from the front after amination. That is because of the thermal heat and drying time. Make sure to let the UV dry for 24-28 hours before you laminate. Also you may want to try putting the teslin/UV inside of a refrigerator for a couple of hours before you laminate. That way the teslin/lJV is at a cooler temperature when you laminate and the green/yellow UV doesn’t get broken down and vanish from the heat.

Now that you nave the template printed onto the teslin and also the UV printed the teslin you will get the hologram and lamination part ready. onto First you will want to prepare your laminates so that when you stamp your New York eslin with your hologram stamp, you can Just stick the teslin into the laminate pouch and laminate. To replicate the feel of the front New York IDs you will use perf’s 7mil Soft Crystal full sheet laminates for the front. You will do the same thing with the paper cutter and cut the sheets down to smaller 4×6 size. http://the-perf-shop-part-2. 7p. om UPDATE- Perf says that he is currently out of crystal laminate (at the time of this writing) and it’s hard to find these days. Luckily Perf’s 10 mil lexan polycarbonate laminates will also replicate the look and feel of the front of New York’s ID’s. One person said this “oregonlam. com has 50 12×18 sheets of it for $72 its great stuff and that amount will make thousands of ‘ds”. You can either order that laminate from Perf or oregonlam. I know Perf is legit but I don’t know much about oregonlam. The 10 mil lexan polycarbonate is also said to be a perfect replication of Illinois’s previous IDs.

The previous Illinois ID’s had a special front laminate very similar to New Yorks. UPDATE again- Perf said he found more crystal laminate but he doesn’t have the $100 to order it. Pay him the $100 to order the crystal and then he can order the crystal aminates and then give you however many crystal laminates to make up for fronting him the $100. The crystal laminate is a HOT SELLER because of it’s ability to replicate the front NY lams by 90% exact or more. So if Perf ever says he is out, front him the $100 so he can order more, he’ll then send you your crystal sheets plus have more in stock that way!

Now for the back laminate you will want to use perf’s 5mil Choice Gloss. http://the- perf-shop-part-2. 7p. com UPDATE- Turns out people said that the below 10mil teslin, 7mil front laminate, 5mil back laminate created a NY fake that was a little more thin than a real NY. I would say to print the template onto 14 mil laser teslin with most (Canon or Epson inkjet printers) and then use Perf’s 7 mil laminate for the back to make it thicker, however Perf is out of Crsytal laminate at the time of this writing (he may or may not get more crystal in the future so Just check with him anyway).

So now you have 10mil teslin, 7mil front laminate, 5mil back laminate equaling a finished 22mil ID. 22mil is very close if not the exact thickness of a real New York ID. Perf’s high quality laminates will replicate the real New York ID’s extremely well. UPDATE, since Pert is out ot Crystal, you’ll want to buy Pert’s 10mil Lexan Polycarbonate for the front, either 10 mil inkjet teslin from Perf or 14 mil teslin from brainstormidsupply, and then Perf’s 5 mil gloss or Perf’s 7 mil gloss.

You can either have 10mil Lexan Polycarbonate, 10 mil teslin, 5 mil gloss = 25 mil OR You can have 10mil Lexan Polycarbonate, 10 mil teslin, 7 mil gloss You can have 10mil Lexan Polycarbonate, 14 mil teslin, 5 mil gloss You can have 10mil Lexan Polycarbonate, 14 mil teslin, 7 mil gloss Since Perf can get more crystal most likely, you can do = 27 mil 29 mil mil 10mil teslin, 7mil front crystal, 5mil back gloss = 22 mil HOWEVER somebody said that is a little to thin compared to a real NY (it won’t matter though because 22 mil will be fine to use in the 49 other states. ).

So you can try 10mil teslin, 7mil front crystal, 7mil back gloss = 24 mil 14mil laser teslin, 7mil front crystal, 5mil back gloss 14mil laser teslin, 7mil front crystal, 7mil back gloss = 26 mil = 28 mil (Most inkjet Canon printers & inkjet Epson printers can print on laser teslin. ) Keep in mind the 22 mil original Crystal plan was too thin, so you can decide for ourself which thickness replicates the real New York thickness best, and if you can create the fake NY and compare it to the real NY do let everyone know which combination works best to get the right thickness.

His 7mil Sott Crystal lams replicate the teel ot the trontot a real NY ID almost exactly, around 90% perfect to be exact. Previously “XxTheKidxX” recommended using a fine grit sandpaper as a front lamination carrier to replicate the gritty feel. The fine grit sandpaper would embed the gritty feel onto the front lam. However now that perf’s new art store is up you won’t need to do the fine grit sandpaper method. His 7mil Soft Crystal lams and 5mil Choice Gloss are really high quality lams and they are flexible and bend extremely well replicating the bendability and flexibilty of the real New York ID’s.

So cut them smaller with a paper cutter and then tape them together with scotch tape from the left side, like an alligators mouth. Tutorial #1 of the version 5 Guide goes into great detail of the “Teslin Method” so read that to get a good idea of what I’m talking about right now. Now you will have a front 7mil lam and a back 5mil lam taped like an alligators mouth. Only cut them smaller each session you are working on making ID’s.

Because f you pre cut them all smaller and taped them all at once, over time a small amount of dust and lint may collect on the lams and you don’t want little specs getting under the final lamination. You could/should use a can of compressed air to blow away dust from the laminates before you laminate. Also use the air can to blow dust off the teslin if you need to BEFORE you apply the hologram stamp. Wearing latex gloves or nitrile gloves (same thing but better found at all stores too) greatly keeps lint and dust from getting on your supplies.

Fingers carry more crap so wear gloves to keep crap off the supplies and to keep your ingerprints off supplies. Now take the New York wa’. y line (sin curve) hologram stamp that you made using the $39. 99 Justritestampers DOT COM stamp kit. I included the NY hologram template in with the Version 3 Guide. Just like Tutorial #1 says in the guide, you will want to drag the New York Hologram template into a larger photoshop box so the full stamp is in view. The New York templates and hologram templates were made in a 3. 4 width by 2. 2 height box.

Make a new 300 DPI template file as a 5. 0 width by 2. 2 height dimensions file then drag the New York hologram template into that. Click on the wa’. y line layers and then type control + I to invert the colors. You want the waves to be white. Then change the background color to black. To make stamps with the kit you want the hologram design part to be white and the background to be black. Print that out onto the special paper that comes with the kit (transparency paper). Then cut along the outside of the black area with scissors.

You want the black to be over sized a little so that you can cut away the excess polymer easy when you are making the stamp. The Tutorial #1 in the Version 5 Guide gives some tips tor making hologram stamps ou’ll want to read but also their site had video tutorials for making the stamps and paperwork comes with the kit. Now that you have your NY stamp made you will want to rub some interference gold pearl ex onto the stamp and then lightly blow onto the stamp so that the excess pearl ex comes off. Then stamp the hologram onto the teslin.

There are real NY ID pictures in the Version 3 Guide that show the hologram’s location on the ID’s so make sure to line up the hologram in the general area and also make sure that the hologram is straight on the front. Make sure you don’t stamp it slanted. It’s real easy to stamp a hologram correctly using your stamp. The Justritestampers kit sells clear see through stamp mounts which makes it perfect for lining up your holograms exactly. The real NY ID’s use some type of uncommon hologram, but the pearl will work in 49 states besides New York.

UPDATE- The New York holograms wear away after about 6-8 months so you actually don’t need to do a hologram if you are to lazy, however it’s better if you do one. By following this guide your NY ID’s will be so good that they will pass at gas stations, bars, nightclubs, and wherever else. They could even pass barbook checks. Now after you stamp your hologram you will want to stick the teslin inside your slightly over sized taped alligator mouth laminates pouch. Put the teslin in correctly so that the back template is on the gloss lam side and the front is on the crystal laminate side (or 10mil Lexan Polycarbonate if Crystal is out of stock).

Make sure to not move the laminate around to much because you don’t want the pearl ex sliding around on the teslin because the the hologram may look slightly smudged. The hologram however will stay in place perfect by default. You would actually have to move the laminates around a lot to smudge the pearl ex hologram. The scotch tape on the left side also holds the laminates in place from moving around. If you were to NOT scotch tape the sides then the laminates could get moved from each other a little and then possibly smudge the pearl ex.

I say interference gold pearl ex because that is what most states use and it is also what most people are used to seeing. Some people say the real NY ID’s are silver looking in color. You can try to use silver pearl ex if you want but I would go with gold. It’s Just a matter of choice. Try both and see which one you like best if you want. Some people have said they use adhesive spray on the teslin before they stamp the earl ex but I dont know why anyone would need to use adhesive spray plus I think the adhesive spray would come out like shit.

Next put the laminate into your carrier (Tutorial #1 of the V3 Guide explains carriers). Use a nice neat setting control laminator trom staples or office depot. Do some tests runs to fgure out exactly what you will need to use for the right tempature for your laminator. Then remember what the heat setting is. Try maybe around 135 degrees celcius and fgure out if it needs to be higher or not from there. When it comes out, put a hard cover book over the carrier/laminate and push down a ittle. Let it cool down for a minute or two and then release.

For carriers you can use two 4×6 index cards taped together like and alligators mouth, or you can buy carriers online, or you can improvise whatever carriers you want. Now put the New York into a CR-80 sized die cutter, line it up real good as you don’t want to fuck up the die cutting part and then have to redo the ID, although it may take you a few test runs to perfect everything so don’t get discouraged if you have to redo things a few times every now and then.

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