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Healthcare administration

Analyze Contemporary Health Care Issue Monique Stephens December 1, 2013 Instructor: Cheryl Brock Course: HCA-240 Health Care Accounting and Bills The health care expenditures nationwide in the America have been on the increase more hastily than financial organization for innumerable centuries, nevertheless numerous citizens in America are still deficient with sufficient health care. t is sad that health care expenses is going to continue to rise, which is causing many citizens in America to make the difficult decisions involving emergencies, health care and dditional accountabilities in their daily lives if the start of a reform, is not starting. By creating a reform, it gives hope to Americans that increases to affordable, high- quality health care for all citizens. Private divisions of insurances are not only enduring obstacles due to the health care spending, but Medicare and Medicaid are also being affected greatly.

With having The Health Care Reform Act in effect soon it will hopefully assist in driving down or maintain the cost of health care received and used by citizens. The reform also stated that it will offer a distribution system that orks more efficiently for medical professions and physicians’ organizations, which will include reducing the administrative problems and facilitating with them, to collaborate on expanding healthcare. The ultimate goal of the reform is to have quantifiable developments in results of healthcare, and provide phenomenal overall health care services to all citizens of the United States.

While it is certain that many profit organizations will have an advantage from the reform, non-profit organizations could do well to. The reform act will also have an opportunity to reduce the costs that onprofit organizations pay as employers and be available to lengthen health care coverage to the individuals who assist within the nonprofit community. As the health care reform act continues to generate changes to our current health care system, all individuals could benefit significantly from conserving how much the health care expenditure are.

An important factor in the reform is that profit organizations will not be able to have revenue by rejecting coverage to individuals, so they will be more motivated to keep people healthy. The main role of the financial management staff is o plan so, can obtain and make effective use of acquired funds. By planning it will assist in taking complete advantage of the assessment and efficiency of the tasks at hand. Also, planning and evaluation within the financial effectiveness of the existing procedures and planning tor some ot the tortncoming ot the operation is the leading stage.

Next, the financial management staff needs to concentrate on decisions of continuing investments such as updated equipment and accommodations are some examples. Another step would be how the staff is going to raise money to purchase the needed resources required to continue their operation. y creating basic standards and regulations, the reform act will work With financial management staff to decrease the already high healthcare expenses to a maintainable level. The financial management staff now needs to communicate various regulations and rules on the topic of the worldwide health care expenses.

The rules and regulations need to aim towards more healthier individuals and communities, enhanced health care, and making certain that the quality of health care citizens are given is reasonably priced and there is a dropping and the financial management staff is effectively maintaining health care expenditure. Financial management staff also, needs to consider the plummeting costs of the health care expenditure; while still being promote community health, capable of magnifying access, and providing high-quality health care.

The health care expenditure will always be a very controversial topic. With this discussion one mutual agreement is that the United States either needs to maintain our current costs and/or decrease on spending. There are multiple citizens of American that are requiring complete health care coverage and with the present health care reform act, it will be able to provide each citizen with the high-quality of are that they deserve; at an affordable percentage.

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