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History 101

Mentoring Self-Assessment IGood mentoring involves Self-Assessment to identify both academic and non-academic needs. Start with these questions:1) Who are you (not names – but who are you)I am a nineteen almost twenty year old middle class white female who is currently attending Modesto Junior College. I am majoring in Biology so that in a couple years I will be able to obtain a degree and continue my goal of becoming a brain surgeon. I hope to start a family that I can take care of and love. I already know my five year and ten year goals and I hope that I will be able to achieve them. I want to make a life for myself and my soon to be family.2) What do you do now – what is your economic baseAs of today I am a full time college student. I left my job at Kohl’s back in summer so that I could keep up with my schoolwork and grades because school is my number one priority. I live with my parents so I don’t really have any bills to pay, they mainly care about me getting my education. I am middle class and most of the times there are financial problems but as a family we try to overcome them. 3) What is your educational goalMy educational goal is to first get my Associates degree in science and transfer to a four year to obtain my bachelors in science. From there I plan on applying to medical school and getting my masters and going through training so that one day I will be the best brain surgeon there is. 4) What is your ultimate goal – what do you want to do professionally (really – with NO reservation)My ultimate goal is to be a brain surgeon. Not only that but I also want to have a family that I can provide and take care of also. I want to have a stable career and life so I know that there will be food on the table tomorrow and that I will be able to own most of my valuables that way I don’t spend too much each month and I actually save more money. 5) How do you plan to get there, from here?…

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