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Hometown Living Speech Outline

Living in Small Towns
Specific purpose: To inform my peers that that growing up in small towns isn’t bad at all and that it’s about the little things in life are what’s most important.
Organization Pattern:
I. Introduction
A. Attention Getter: I think I took small towns for granted while I was growing up, but now, I appreciate them for what they are.
B. Relevance: Some of you may know what I’m talking about. It’s quite common to be from a small town. Some of us our proud to be where we’re from. Others may still be searching for a place where they can identify themselves with. And that’s ok. We seem to realize much later what makes small towns so special. Many of us tend to gravitate more toward metropolitan areas after high school. I know I did.
C. Credibility: I’m from and lived in Victoria, Texas for 15 years. When I graduated high school, I admit I was ready to leave. I wanted to move onto bigger things, whatever those might be. I’ve spent 7 years now in San Antonio and have gotten my taste of big-city life, but I can’t say the quality of life was any better.
D. Central Idea: In the short time I have with you, I want to show you what small-city life means; why small towns are appreciated early and later in life.
Transition: They say, “It’s the little things in life that count?” What do they mean?
II. Body
A. My hometown has less than 65,000 people. We have one Starbucks, a shopping mall and a Chik-fil-a. Despite its small size, I didn’t feel trapped or limited in opportunities. I participated in school plays, orchestra and baseball. There was plenty to go around.
i. Because there were few things to do, it meant more freedom to do more. While there aren’t as many places to hang out or events to attend, you have more time to pick up a hobby or learn a new skill and really work at it.
ii. Also, fewer people in a town means fewer volunteers, which also means more opportunities to lend a hand and volunteer. You won’t likely be turned away if…

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