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Honor, Courage, and Commitment

The three core values are the fundamentals to have in each Marine. Honor, courage and commitment implement the character we attain today. Each Marine lives by these values which is why it is so important to understand them. Honor covers moral behavior to never lie and be truthful in everything you do. Courage is not only physical, but mental as well. Lastly, commitment encompasses the dedication to the core and one’s country.
The ability to remain reliable takes a lot. You must respect and take care of your Marines. When a Marine is responsible, takes ownership for their own actions and fulfill’s their actions, then they are representing trust, dedication and capability. Although no one is watching, every action should be the right action. And for every action you take, you are accountable for it. You can talk and have your own beliefs as long as it’s proven with the actions behind it. For example, a Marine will not lie to his subordinate about a step in a process just to get ahead, rather he should assist in every way possible to help his subordinate achieve his duty. Honor is first on the list because it is the ultimate standard in both moral and ethic conduct.
Courage is the mental, moral and physical strength within a Marine. To be able to withstand hardships and over come fear is what creates a strong character. Courage takes leadership and to lead by example. Whether it’s a difficult decision to a challenging or demanding drill, you must face your weaknesses and take precautions. You must have the mental discipline to obtain a higher standard. Even if the circumstances are strenuous, you must be willing to stand up for what is right. In the end, courage is what gets you through the day and you can reflect back on what you achieved.
Finally, commitment is the loyalty to the Corps and the country. Every day you have to take pride in what you do and be determined to protect and serve this country. When others fail or quit,…

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