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Housework: Marriage and Wife

In these days it is very common for the husband and wife both to have full-time Jobs. In each family everyone is equal. Everyone has paid the effort for their family. When the husband and wife both have Jobs, they both have the responsibility to take care of their family. Some people say that housework is the wife’s Job. That is wrong and unfair. There is no reason to put all the housework on women’ shoulder. Wife is a very important character in each family. Most of the time, they pay for their family ithout a word, and never ask for reward.

The wife takes care of their children, do housework, and go to work. It is very normal in many family of much country. People always believe that housework is the wife’s Job; they always use this traditional view to require women, but they never transpose their seats with women. If they were women, what could they fell? Could they have no complaints? The funny thing is that they are always strict with others but never with themselves. Everything is easy to say but hard to do.

Everyone is equal, when we require others please transpose seat with them and require you at first. Housework is not the only responsibility for the wife. I believe every husband love his wife. Otherwise they would not get married. Because of that, husband should share responsibility from his wife. Husband has duty to take care of his family, in traditional view. The first thing is that he should show understanding and sympathy for his wife. What understands? It means that you should understand her hard.

You should not put all of the housework or other work on her. What is sympathy? It is you should be concerned with her to do anything while you don’t move a little. To sum up, it means that husband should share all of housework or others chores with his wife. In conclusion, housework is not the wife’s Job. It is everyone’s Job in a family. Understanding and sympathy are the main point to hold a family together. Husband and wife should share their family responsibility together, not only put on one person’s shoulder.

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