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How university halls reflect gender stereotype.

The research aims to study about the relationship between university resident halls’ regulation and gender stereotype in Hong Kong. In Hong Kong, all university halls do not allow a male and female live in same room. Each hall has set the time slot that to control the different gender students gathering inside the hall. Also, if staff find out a non-resident accommodate in a room of different-gender’s resident, the penalty will be more serious than the same case but happening in same gender’s room.

At the same time, nowadays, although the society is being more open mind, there are also emain some taboos, such as a male and another female cannot live in same room overnight. In this research, the subject is to find out how university halls reflect and maintain these stereotypes. Therefore, first, I would analyze the regulations of difference university resident halls to study how the schools regulate student to comply with the social norms. However, are these norms suitable or should be kept?

Therefore, second, I would have several in-depth interviews with different student residents to ask them how their feelings to the restrictions and thus what are their eelings as a ‘user’ of hall. Do they have enough right to use the place? Literature Review According to the report by inmediahk, last year, two Chinese University students published a campaign that sleeping in the outdoor of the university hall. The slogan of the campaign was about that to shout to the administration of university to pay attention to desire for sexual relation of students and let students have right to have sex in the hall.

After the campaign reported by mass media, the slogan successfully caught public’s attention. However, it was not the main point of the campaign (or it as Just a point) as they claimed. The reason of announcing this slogan was the hall has deep restrictions to the visitors of different gender. These regulations were influenced by the ideology of tradition society. They argued that these regulations were not suitable nowadays. More than that, the regulations related to the gender and sex was Just a part of the whole system.

It was reflected that the officers of university act as parent to manage the adult students. It was all about power relationship. Therefore, students had no chance to change the unreasonable regulations. That was the main point that they wanted to negotiate and fght for the power for self-decision. Sex and gender were the perspectives that let the administration afraid. Therefore, they used this for the slogan of the event to catch the attention. According to another essay published in facebook by one of the originate student, they thought that the hall is a place that instill normative knowledge in students.

The gender issue was one of the significant examples to show how these mechanism runs. Firstly, the officers set up the rule that list out the different gender visiting time lot and the penalty ot people violating these rules clearly. Secondly, in the lobby and corridor and other common are of the hall, we can easily to see the notice that remind them these rules. Therefore, the idea that girl stays in the boys room (or reverse) is not good. However, officers do not have big ban to the same gender visitors who over visiting time.

Therefore, these also induce the heterosexual hegemony. However, in nowadays society, the gender difference should be accepted. It is individual’s freedom that to choose one’s that they want to live with whatever gender. Therefore, the problem of the hall regulations is that almost all the students are adults, but why so many behaviors are being restricted? According to another interview, they announced another point about the role and responsibility of university students. The hall regulations reflected the gender stereotype.

If we thought that this is not good for the social development and oppressed some people, what should we do? University took the responsibility to train intellectuals and therefore students should contribute to society. Therefore, two students thought that university should not follow the social construction blindly. If students noticed that the norms would bring the disadvantage to us, we should give them up. In the university, we should demonstrate how to build up a more ideal society. It was intellectuals’ responsibility.

Therefore, we can see that although the university hall act as a place to solidify the ideology, in the two students’ mind, it also has chance to make the university hall become a place to break down the unnecessary ideology. They are fghting to this. Research Methods and Design In this research, I Just focus on how the gender stereotype reflected in the place of niversity hall, but not the contest of the right to use the space. Therefore, the first part of the research is to read the regulation of different halls. Then, I would have in- depth interview to the corresponding hall residents.

Therefore, the first steps I have used Judgmental sampling to find out three individuals to do the in-depth interviews. Everyone is the university hall resident now in different university in Hong Kong. Each of them is my friend. It is because the interviews contain some personal question. It is more easily to get the answer from friends. Since the rules different hall has slight ifferent. Therefore, after confirm the interviewees, I had analyze their hall’s regulations before the interview. Therefore, the overall procedures of the research is that, 1.

Analyze those three university hall’s regulations 2. Interview to realize how these rule make the effect to residents – Although each university has different, all the universities do not allow different gender students stay in same room at night. Moreover, when the officers discover, there are serious punishment to student. Therefore, we can see that each university has same core. Therefore, I can ask them similar questions. QI. Do you ever heard that some residents be discovered to allow different gender students to stay at room at night? – Q2. What is the result? Q3.

Had you ever been involved in? Q4. What is your normal hall life at night? Moreover, according to enrich the data to analyze. Data Analysis their answer, I will ask them some probing question to 1. The first interviewee is a student in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and she is a female. Let us see the related rules first. According to regulation 6. 2, A hall resident shall not (i) visit or stay in the room of an opposite sex resident or entertain n opposite sex visitor (i. e. any person other than the resident of the room) in the room during the Privacy Hours between 24:00 and 07:00.

If discussion or activities are required between the residents and visitors during the Privacy Hours, they should stay in common areas not intruding the privacy of fellow hall mates. (Note that Xuemin Hall, as a female hall, has the discretion to set more stringent rules to reject any residents of the opposite sex to visit the Lounge Area, common areas or student rooms on the floor where Xuemin residents stay at any time, as deemed necessary); allow an opposite sex visitor (i. . any person other than the resident of the room) to use toilet/shower facilities of the shared rooms.

To avoid embarrassment and inconvenience to roommate(s) or suitemates, the opposite sex visitor is required to use the communal toilets at rear staircase of each floor; Her hall has male and female living in same floor. By the regulation, after 2400, it is not allowed both male and female stay at same room. If you have some group activities, you only can stay in the common room but you cannot let others feeling disturb. My friend said that the rule is ridiculous. She explains that if my roommate grees and allows other people go inside the room, so it would not disturb other people in the common room.

However, it is not allowed by the school and the school seems to neglect this case. It is because school do not allow opposite sex visitors use the toilet inside the room due to avoid the embarrassment. But, do all people feel embarrassment in this case? She complained that why school can ‘help’ them to express their feeling. Although she thinks the rules are unreasonable, she has not broken the rule. She said that the school always checks them, once residents are discovered violating these rules. The consequences would be very acute. There were several cases that residents need to leave the hall due to violate these rules.

In this way, we can see that school does not allow male and female stay in a bedroom overnight together. A way to explain this restriction is that the school tries to abandon the sexual behaviors happening in the university hall. But, why it is related to the sexual behavior? It is due to the traditional discourse of sexual behavior, which should happen among male and female and on the bed at night. 2. The second interviewee is studying at City University. The punishment of the opposite sex visitor violate the regulations do not be written clearly.

However, according to his speech, once being discovered, the identity of resident should be disqualified. He is a male and his hall has both male and female residents, but they do not live in same floor. According to their rule, visitors’ timeslot is 8am to 12mid- night every day. Therefore, for example, a female residents go to his room, she must leave the male floor before 12mid-night; otherwise, they maybe receive serious punishment. However, he added that the officers do not inspect them very harsh. Theretore, many ot his hall-mates violate the rule and let the opposite sex visitors stay overnight.

Nevertheless, he do not have any experience to allow other female to stay overnight at his room. He explained that by several reasons. First, he is afraid that this behavior is discovered and thus he needs to quit the hall and have a bad record in his certificate document. Second, he said he feels embarrassment if other people ask him why there is girl in his room. Therefore, after mid night, he would Just stay alone with his room-mate or communicate with other residents in same floor. If he needs to deal with girl at that time, such as doing project, he would go back to the campus.

Although his mind is not constructed in the university hall, university hall indeed reflect the stereotype and reinforce his mind by the frightening to the penalty and something like stigmatization. 3. The last interviewee is now a resident in United College of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Let me introduce their related rule first. Visitors of the Opposite Sex: 3. 1. 1 Except with prior permission from the Warden(s), residents must observe the isiting hours of 12:00noon to 9:00pm for guests of the opposite sex in their bedrooms, corridors in dormitory floors and pantries. . 1. 2 Any violation of regulations by entertaining the opposite sex visitor(s) inappropriately will result in a fine of HK$600. A written warning will be issued by the Warden(s) concerned. 3. 2 Visitors of the Same Sex: 3. 2. 1 Residents may entertain visitors of the same sex in their bedrooms or specified public places but in no case later than 11 :30pm. 3. 2. 2 Residents may entertain only current students of the Chinese University who re of the same sex to stay overnight at the hostels, abiding by the “Regulations Governing Visitors Staying Overnight” in Section 4.

The fee for staying overnight shall be borne by the host residents. Under special circumstances, when non-residents (must be current students of CIJHK) are invited to stay overnight, the following procedures must be followed: 4. 1. 1 consent of all roommates must be obtained in advance; 4. 1. 2 the “Overnight Visitor Ticket” must be purchased from the Warden(s), the Resident Tutor(s) or hostel staff on duty at the reception counter before 1 1 :30 p. . ; one ticket for each visitor; the current price of the ticket is HK$40.

OO per night. 4. 1. 3 the visitor’s name, CUID number, and the valid date must be written on the “Overnight Visitor Ticket”. 4. 2 Sanctions: 4. 2. 1 For Residents a. Visitors of the Opposite Sex Residents should not invite visitors of the opposite sex to stay overnight. If the visitors are UC residents, the violators as well as the UC residents involved will face immediate expulsion from the hostels without refund of any kind; further penalties may be meted out by the College Disciplinary Committee. b. Visitors ot the Same Sex

If visitors are found staying overnight without buying the valid Overnight Visitor Ticket, the following penalties will be imposed on the host resident (in case no one in that room bears the responsibility as the host resident, the fine will be shared among all the residents in that room and the other penalties as per the following stipulations will be imposed on the residents in that room as well): i) Violation for the 1st time: A penalty fee of HK$600; a written warning from the Warden(s) which will be copied to the Dean of Students of the College; and a 10% deduction of the total score or hostel application in the following year. i) Violation for the 2nd time: A penalty fee of HK$600; the resident will be expelled from hostels without any refund within the period specified by the Warden(s). The rules in UC of CIJHK are complicated and it is clearly to show that while opposite sex visitors violate these rules, they would face more serious penalty. Moreover, according to my friend, he said that if officers discover Just one male and female in the room, the penalty would be more serious than a group of male and female in a room. It is easily to explain by the myth of sexual behavior.

The school assumes that when only one male and female in the bedroom at night, they will have sex. My friend said that the inspections are not very frequently but there are still some case that being discovered violating the rules. He added that the resident did not need to quit the hall immediately but he received a warning letter. Moreover, if he is discovered again that allowing a girl to stay in his room overnight, a bad record would be left in his graduate certificate. My friend is studying nursing and most of his classmates are female. When they study together at night, it is very inconvenience.

It is because they cannot study at hall, although he said that he would break these rules sometimes, most of times they need to find other places to study. In this case, we can see that how the school management influences by the gender stereotype and cause out inconvenience. Conclusion My research do not have a large sample space that include all university in Hong Kong, therefore the results may be over generalized. However, in the above cases, we can still easily see that how school management now is still influenced by the traditional ideology, such as gender ideology and discourse of sex.

Many university required students accommodate for at least one semester. University hall life becomes part of education, to let students learn about how to communicate with other people. However, our society still assumes that a female and a male live in a room overnight is an immoral behavior. University halls are influenced by these ideologies, but these are limit to communication with other and thus contradict to the purpose of university hall. I agree with the two CIJHK students. A college student’s responsibility is to improve our society but not follow the society blindly.

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