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Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution One of the most influential revolution of all time, without this breakthrough that changed how the whole world live their lifes , I wouldn’t be able to be doing this assignment right now on a computer. So what is the industrial revolution? Where did it take place? How did it really affect way we live today? All these question will answers in the following paragraphs. Although it occurred around the same time as the French, American, and the Latin American revolution between 1750 to 1850, the ndustrial revolution was really the most revolutionary of the bunch.

Most people lived on or very close the lands that provided food for them, life expectancy never rose above 35 or below 25, education was a privilege not a right , and in all the previous millennia we never developed a weapon that could kill more than a couple of dozen at once, or a way to travel that is faster than horse back. For fifteen thousand years , most humans never owned or used a single item made outside of their communities, it provided the invention of electricity, crops grown on seasons hat is not theirs is also the effects of the industrial revolution.

Every single thing we use today is in some way related to the industrial revolution. Before the industrial revolution around 80% of the worlds population was engaged in farming to keep it self and the other 20% from starving , today in the United States less than 1% list their occupants as farming. The industrial revolution was brought about by the increase in production by the use of machines and characterized by the use of new energy sources . It began around 1775 and it occurred across most of the earth, but it started in Europe , especially Britain.

The innovation of the industrial revolution were intimately interconnected for instance, the British textile industry and the invention of the flying shuttle by John kay in 1733 dramatically increased the speed of weaving which in turn created demand for yarn , which lead to the invention of the spinning Jenny and the water frame , soon these processes were mechanized using water power until the steam engine came along and made the flying shuttle actually ly in these huge cotton mills.

The most successful steam engine was built by Thomas Newcomen to clear water out of mines and because water was cleared out of those mines their was more coal to power more steam engines which lead to the development of these of all these invention. All these factors came together to make more At the time China, Europe, and India were all roughly at the same place in terms of production , I mean they were all primed to have an industrial revolution so why did it emerge in Britain?.

Europe and especially Britain had two advantages over China and India the first advantage is coal; when you trace the story of improved transportation or industrial efficiency it always come back to coal because the industrial revolution was all about using different forms of energy to automate production and England had large supply of coal that were near the surface which meant that it was cheap to mine so it quickly replaced wood for heating and cooking.

So that encourage the British to look tor more coal, but because the coal mine were looded from all the time they had an a good enough incentive to introduce the steam engine to pump water out of mines. And because those early steam engines were inefficient they needed a cheap and abundant source of energy to power it namely coal which meant it was much more to the British than anyone else. Another reason why the depended heavily on these machines s because wages were so high in Britain and energy was so cheap so it was an even more incentive to depend more on machines

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