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Online TherapyBSHS 375
November 4, 2015
Professor Calvin Massey
Online Therapy
Online therapy is a relatively new expansion in the human services field in which a counselor offers advice and support over the Internet. Online therapy can occur through e-mail, video conferencing, Internet phone, and online chat. Online therapy is very similar to life coaching because online therapists are not permitted to diagnose any of their clients, but can only offer guidance and advice to individuals experiencing problems such as relationships, work, or life. Online therapy is just another way health care professional can provide services to their clients.
In this paper, the writer Ms. Wilson will talk over the content of three online therapy websites, the professionals involved in therapy, and how the actual online therapy occurs. Ms. Wilson will also address how professional associations and state regulatory boards view and monitor online therapy. Ms. Wilson will also address ethical and security issues, such as informed consent and confidentiality. Lastly, Ms. Wilson will discuss her opinion on the advantages and disadvantages of online therapy.
Online Therapy Sites
The first online therapy website is It offers treatment via e-mail, video, phone and chat room. The site is focused on one provider titled, “Carl Benedict, a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor(LCPC) in the state of Maryland” and he has worked for 15 years as a therapist in a mental health clinic and a hospital; Mr. Benedict has ten years of online therapy experience. Mr. Benedict charges per chat, $60 for a 60-minute conversation, and a client can purchase packages that offer a slight discount for online therapy. Mr. Benedict has several articles posted regarding different issues clients might be experiencing such as depression, childhood trauma, addiction, parenting, grief and loss, and dual diagnosis. Mr. Benedict has also posted a section that…

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