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Ipad Preliminary Marketing Report

Target market choice and Justification After evaluation of the above segments, it has been decided to primarily target the iPad at the 18-35 year old generation. This age group is particularly open-minded in regards to technology and considered to be tech savvnvnf. The group includes those who are considered to be students ranging through to the corporate professionals.

They are well informed with advancements in technology and always competing with their peers to be at the frontline in relation to these portable devices. The Apple brand has also become a fashion statement in comparison to the product itself. The image perception behind owning Apple products outweighs the functionality of the product itself in some instances. For this age bracket, self conscious attitudes and behaviour are quite influential in the decisions these consumers make in relation to echnological products and Apple would benefit in marketing the product in a way that would create an image within the consumer that the iPad is an accessory, more than an electronic product. The secondary target will be the six to seventeen year old generation.

It is not a prominent market as the primary target however it is definitely a rapidly emerging target. Children and teenagers nowadays are constantly being exposed to these days of learning the basics from books and physical toys are becoming a distant memory with more and more companies aiming electronics learning aids at children for the more interactive experience. With many consumers in this age group quite easily influenced by marketing material seen on the television, or peers having purchased similar items, consumers in this bracket more often then ever are convincing their parents and elders to purchase these items as it becomes a must have possession to them.

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