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Issues in Human Resources Management Simulation

Issues in Human Resources Management Simulation Human Resources Management functions involve a wide variety of activities ranging from assessing staffing levels and needs by way of recruitment to dealing with performance issues and ensuring that practices conform to company policies and procedures. This weeks simulation started by showing Alexander the Great’s secret to his successful battles; which was in part from him inspiring and motivating his men in taking on impending challenges to where they craved victory not only for themselves, but for him as well.

From this insight given, the class was informed of how usinesses today can use those principals in achieving the same results with their employees; the power of people working together towards one goal, success. The following report is a summary of the simulation involving Human Resources Management issues. Scenario Within the simulation, the class was asked to take on the role of the Human Resources Manager at the Cartwright-Porter Airport.

Here, we will encounter employee-related problems that call for immediate and timely responses while applying Human Resource Management concepts in evaluating and arriving at the solutions. Impacts of Specific Activities Activity #1 The first activity involved a complaint among 40 baggage handlers and how they were expending extra effort in carrying out their duties, which was due to the increase of passenger traffic at the airport. The handlers stated their compensation has not been a reflection of it.

Senior management has requested that a review of the existing compensation structure be performed and to consider adding more benefits, if necessary, along with putting together a new compensation plan to include a mix of cash incentive and non-cash benefits. The requirements of the position of baggage handler include a considerable amount of physical agility, able to have normal color vision, and to have familiarity with the operation of the entire system.

The current employee compliment consists of the following:GenderAgeMaleFemale21-30 years31-40 years41 + %EducattonGEDHtgh schoolcollegel Size1-2 Persons3-4 Persons5+ Persons21 the above information in mind, along with knowing that the major concern for employees is money and the quality of their lives and family, a compensation plan to include cash incentives of ncentives of Customized Fitness-Training Program, Savings and Investment Plan, and an upgrade to the Health Insurance Plan were developed.

Spot Cash motivates employees to go beyond the norm and the immediacy of this reward makes this a very powerful tool with a medium cost impact to management. Individual Performance is considered a strong motivator for employees to excel in while stipulating the importance of achieving excellence within the organization. Both cost and disbursement to management is low. Guaranteed Overtime Bonus is ore of an entitlement and is earn from time to time. The cost to management is moderate.

Retaining a Customized Fitness-Training Program will assist employees in maintaining their agility to perform the Job while keeping costs low for the employer. In recognizing the importance of money to employees, a Savings and Investment Plan is an excellent avenue for employees and the costs to management are moderate. Upgrading the Health Insurance Plan is a high cost factor to management, however doing so clearly responds to the employeesi concern with their quality of life and amily.

Activity #2Within this activity a complaint was filed by the employees regarding an advertisement displayed within the airport that was depicted as a form of sexual harassment which caused so much concern that it made it difficult for employees to perform their Jobs. The company responsible for the ad, WilderNest, states the advertisement was Just an expression of creativity. In finding a short-term and long- term remedy to this, the following was implemented.

Apologies were made to employees, the advertisement was removed, the company responsible was ompensated for their losses and the contract with them was renegotiated involving employees in the decision-making process. Taking immediate action in resolving employee issues is very important; specifically in the area of sexual harassment. Conveying that there is zero tolerance for this type of behavior in the workplace stipulates to the employee that the company is very critical on its policy on providing an environment free from harassment of any form.

Evaluating situations and weighing all possible solutions prior to making a final decision is crucial and is an important role of managers. Activity #3This activity involved performance reviews and how the employees felt that they were not being appraised fairly. It was apparent that there was no formal structured appraisal system in place which contributed to this problem. The need in defining four outcomes of the appraisal system will resolve this issue while remaining within company policy. The first step implemented was to have a isuggestions boxi where employees could submit comments regarding this issue.

From those various comments, the following Performance of Job Duties Assigned to the Employee provides a direct measure of erformance in numeric terms while facilitating comparison thus helping with incentives and pay hikes. Maintenance of Job Compliance as per Prescribed Work Standards measures employee commitment to quality and their ability to work within stipulated constraints. Absorption and Implementation of Necessary Skill-Based Training measures how well the employee applies the training to their Jobs as the airport is committed to employee empowerment and development.

Communication with Co-workers and Supervisors, while not easily measured, plays an important role n promoting a team environment and how well each individual employee contributes to it without using the entire performance of the team as a measurement. There are various performance appraisals in place within companies, but to achieve high employee satisfaction having the following practices in place will help: 1 . Prioritize objectives2. Be forthright3. Make measures as objective as possible4. Keep numeric ratings to a minimum5. Seek to measure behaviors and not traits6.

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