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IT/206 Week 2

Microsoft Access Exercise
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January 11, 2015
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Microsoft Access Exercise
Situation 1. The key functions of Microsoft Access create data representation of the business that Jack is employed by. Microsoft Access will also allow Jack to take all the paper files at his place of employment and convert them into a data entry system and placed onto a spreadsheet, this will allow Jack to obtain and access information a lot faster and more efficient than if he were to continue to use the paper files.
A table will allow Jack to store related information. Related information that is necessary to his business such as all client names and addresses. A query will allow Jack to perform a search and get results on just the information requested. The primary key is unique and identifies a record in a table, also allows Jack to establish relationships with other tables. A report will give Jack the information retrieved from the database.
The possible challenges in the given situation for Jack that I foresee if I was to facilitate him over the phone is that Jack is not familiar with Microsoft Access. Also that Jack is not sure why he would use Microsoft Access. The strategies that I would use to help Jack over the phone would be to walk him through the Microsoft Access setup to help him better understand the Microsoft Access database that he is interested in using. If Jack was still having issues with the Microsoft Assess database and the use of it I would then be more specific and the steps to the database setup and how to use it. If Jack still did not seem to understand the Microsoft Access database material I would offer Jack a face to face consultation and work with him in person or give him the option to hire a database administrator. If Jack was not able to understand the information and instructions that I had given him over the phone and or in a face to face consultation I would give Jack a link to a webpage that may be…

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